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How to get headhunted

How to get headhunted

Everyone wants to get a promotion, no one is ever satisfied with their job, once you have got a job you always think of getting a promotion. 

What is headhunted? 

When I was a teenager I came to know about the top headhunters, and I was quite terrified at that time. I thought it as a spooky thing. Like, headhunting was killing people and collecting their heads, in fiction it is true but not always. 

Headhunting is the phenomenon of choosing some great heads for your business, now it is quite established that for getting headhunted you must possess a  “head” in the first place. Not the physical head but the brain inside your head.

In this article I have mentioned some secrets of getting headhunted. Most of the people think that working underground can help them get the best place in the market but that is not the case, why your boss will want you to leave him when you are doing a fabulous job for him? 

So, the first thing you need to do in order to get headhunted is to polish your brain, be a smart guy, do not get used. Everyone out there especially in the business sword is for making money. They are least concerned if you want a new job or a promotion. 

Thus, the very first thing that you may not like is hard work, the next secrets are listed below with a b bit od description. 

1.    Be social 

Why would you want people to talk about you if you are not making them think that you are worthy? So, the first thing you need to do is to stay in the light for making that light the limelight.

Attend various functions and events related to your work, there you will be able to meet people. who are also looking for a competent person, you can be the one.

Recently my friend got a promotion in another multinational company because he was quite apt in convincing people, of course, he learned all this by meeting random people at various events. 

2.    Social media 

Keep yourself updated about the social media and its opportunities, you can make a profile, where at linkedin you must upload your Cv and all your new experiences. 

Upload your new projects and update your profile now and then. Nowadays no one is coming to your place to meet you, thus you must make sure that it is your social profile which is doing the communication.

3.    Find out the headhunters 

Now, think about the most credible headhunters, say if you find someone who does not likely get you to the desired place then it will be a waste of time. 

Tus, you must find out the best this is only possible by meeting them, you can notice small changes in them and help yourself in knowing the attitudes. 

Sometimes you will have to pay them, while you do so make sure that they are worth the money. 

4.    Work hard 

Work and work hard, they say your work will speak for you. So make sure that it is a good conversation. You ought not to stop once you have contacted the headhunter, try to be more energetic than you are, convince yourself to work even more because people will judge you by your work when it come sot your carrier and professional life. 

5.    Work on your skill 

You must act like a professional, your old bosses must appreciate your work ethic, I know sometimes they won’t but that is okay. if your colleagues are good enough to appreciate you for your work then a few people will care about the bosses. 

Your skills, such as communication skills and Microsoft office skills. Without these two skills, you will not be able to prove yourself professional for the 21st century at all. 

6.    Have faith 

Lastly, without enough self-confidence, you will not be able to convince anyone about your skills. Thus, try to mediate occasionally and tell yourself that you can achieve your goal and you have worked hard for getting to a certain point. Remember that your confidence will be visible through your body language. 


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