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How To Keep Your Data Safe

How To Keep Your Data Safe

Long gone are the days where filing away pieces of paper in locked cabinets was the pinnacle of privacy. Now, almost every single piece of data in the western world is online, which means technicallyanyone with an internet connection and knowledge of hacking and privacy systems can see what should remain undercover. 

This is a real worry for many businesses, who often pride themselves on their privacy policies and strict data protocol. 

If you are a business that wants to make sure you have the best protection out there for yourself, your clients, and your customers, then read this piece to find out how you can keep your data safe. 

Make Sure Your Password Game is Strong

Password123 just will not cut it anymore when it comes to keeping your data safe. There are many ways in which hackers can get to your sensitive data, and weak passwords are one of the quickest and easiest means of doing it. 

There are plenty of password generators and managers that can help you form sturdy and safe passwords and keep them where you need them to be without having to rely on your memory. That being said, you should be sure to use trusted and verified companies to do this with!  

Keep Your File Transfers Safe 

Did you know that when you are transferring a file, this is one of the more vulnerable times where someone can intercept, retrieve or corrupt the files you are moving? It is vital that in order to keep your files safe from interference or being poached that you use protected (file transfer protocol) ftp servers to transfer the files. This is the safest way to connect two computers to one another to move files between them. It also offers an encrypting option so that if the data does happen to be infiltrated, it will still be protected. 

Install a Renowned Anti-Virus Software

There is little excuse for not having antivirus software installed on your devices. They help prevent malware from penetrating your system, create more barriers to those trying to get hold of passwords, and run background checks to protect your devices from attacks in real time. Make sure to have your chosen antivirus software up to date, as out-of-date patches and bugs can make their way through weak barriers and not show up in the checks or be obvious on your devices. 

Get Yourself a Back-Up or Two

Sometimes it is not a cruel intentioned computer whiz that wants to steal the information you have. Sometimes you might be faced with something that wants to encrypt the data you have so it becomes inaccessible. This can even go further in terms of hackers administering bribes in exchange for you to get your files unencrypted. In these cases, having a hard copy back up and another server back up of your data (which should both also be protected) can mean that you still have access to your important files while you try and sort out the problem. 


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