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How to pack for a holiday

How to pack for a holiday

It’s been a while since we’ve had to pack for a holiday. You might have forgotten some of your packing hacks, like rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Travel restrictions are slowly starting to open up. Just make sure to double-check the UK’s green list before booking your next holiday. 

You should plan your holiday in advance so you can get the best deals available. Book your airport transfers,accommodation and travel ahead of time. 

Here are a few tips packing tips you can use for your holiday. 

Invest in packing cubes

Packing cubes can keep your suitcase organised and divided. They are affordable and easily accessible online. You can pack your t-shirts in one cube and trousers in another. Try to find cubes with a mesh panel on the top so you can see what’s in each one. When you arrive at your destination, you can easily find an outfit to wear. Packing cubes are particularly useful if you are living out of your suitcase. You can keep your wardrobe in neat piles and avoid searching through a mountain of clothes.

Print off important documents

Everything is online these days. Your boarding pass and important documents are likely to be on your phone. You should print off a backup copy just in case your phone dies. You should always carry your important documents in your hand luggage. Carry a photocopy of your passport as well, in case of an emergency. 

Roll your clothing

Folding your clothing makes it crease easily, and your hotel room might not have an iron available. Rolling your clothing reduces the risk of creases and saves space. You can roll all of your trousers and slot them into one packing cube. You can see all of the options available without needing to dig through a pile of clothing. If you’re short on space, you could roll your socks and tights and stuff them into your shoes.

Travel-size appliances

If you have a few holidays coming up, it’s time to invest in some essentials. You should buy some travel-size liquid containers and a clear bag for your carry on luggage. A travel-size hairdryer and styling tool can save a lot of space as well. You could buy a travel-size steamer to freshen up your formal wear if you travel for business trips. 

You can save space and make sure you look your very best with a few travel hacks.


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