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How to Prevent Teeth Grinding: Your Complete Guide

How to Prevent Teeth Grinding: Your Complete Guide

Clenching and grinding your teeth sometimes is normal, especially during periods of extreme stress. But if this starts to occur regularly it can lead to severe tooth and jaw issues.

Often times, grinding of the teeth occurs while you’re sleeping, so you may not even realize this is a problem. Are you worried that you’ve been grinding your teeth at night and want to know how you can avoid this?

Keep reading for our guide on how to prevent teeth grinding.

How To Prevent Teeth Grinding

If your dentist just informed you that you grind your teeth, also referred to as bruxism, you may be wondering what is bruxism and is it bad for my teeth? And although this problem seems to be pretty common, that doesn’t mean it’s not serious.

Grinding of the teeth can lead to all sorts of problems, including cracking your teeth and damaging your gums. So it’s important to take preventive measures to ensure this problem doesn’t get out of hand.

Wear A Night Guard

One of the most common ways to protect your teeth against damage from grinding is by wearing a nightguard. This can be custom-fit to your mouth by your dentist or ordered online.

By wearing a nightguard while you sleep you are protecting your teeth against rubbing together.

Facial Massage

A common technique used to prevent the grinding altogether is massaging your jaw and cheeks.

If you are someone who is very stressed you may be holding a lot of tension in your jaw muscles, which can be a leading cause of bruxism. By rubbing this tension out before bed, you will notice a decrease in grinding and jaw clenching and will overall get a better nights rest.

Self Care And Mindfulness

Because tooth grinding is often caused by stress, considered practising mindfulness or doing things to help your mind and body relax.

This can include taking a warm bath before bed, yoga, meditation, or even using a warm compress. Anything that you see as relaxing self-care can help to combat this problem.


For a more medical approach to treating this issue, talk to your doctor about Botox. This is best for extreme cases of bruxism, but studies have shown that by getting Botox in the jaw, you can drastically reduce symptoms of grinding.

That’s because the Botox works to slow the activity of the muscles in the jawline, which can lead to less clenching or grinding.


This technique also referred to as Emotional Freedom Technique, is similar to acupuncture. However, EFT releases tension without the use of needles.

Instead, tapping consists of using fingers to tap on pressure points within the body to help release stress. Many people who have tried this as a method for reducing teeth grinding have had great success.

Try Out These Methods

If you are concerned that you have a serious case of bruxism, consider trying one of these methods to help find relief. Knowing how to prevent teeth grinding can help save your teeth from permanent damage. And don’t hesitate to consult with your dentist if things continue to get worse.

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