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Maximizing Your Egypt Travel Experience

Maximizing Your Egypt Travel Experience

If you’re planning to visit Egypt, kudos to you! It’s going to be an unforgettable experience. Egypt is a wonderful country, with so much to offer. From the Giza pyramids, the magnificent Sphinx, world and famous pharaonic temples, to old Coptic and Islamic art, to gorgeous sandy beaches, to mouthwatering dishes and vibrant nightlife, Egypt holds something for everyone. In this article, I am not going to tell you where to go or what to see – you have TripAdvisor for that! I am here to let you in on four insider tips on how to maximize your experience for a perfect trip. 


Egypt is known for its sunny warm weather almost all year long, which means that you can pack light without too many thick jackets or thermal layers. You can even optimize your bag with the use of packing cubes and organizers, and this easy read on Land of the Traveler will help you decide on the best ones for your needs. This is especially great news for those who prefer compact, convenient, organized luggage. 

Walking Shoes

Whether you’re visiting historic sites, or enjoying a stroll along the banks of the Nile, Egypt means walking. You will be walking through Old Cairo, to the local market, bar-hopping at night – you’ll need comfortable walking shoes, so make sure to pack them. And because fashion matters, you’ll be happy to know that sneakers are a huge trend this year; people are wearing them with everything, from casual jeans and tees, to suits and wedding dresses. Leave your heels at home. 

Street Adventures 

Egypt is generally safe, and it’s actually quite normal to see police or army patrols out on the street – they’re here to ensure that everything is fine, so don’t be alarmed. However, catcalling and other annoyances are pretty common, so don’t pay attention to men hollering at you from across the street. Wearing long, breezy, conservative clothing will also help you minimize the chances of that happening. 

On the other hand, if beggars surround you (for looking like a foreigner with dollars in their pockets) just ignore them and they will give up and leave you alone. If you give one kid a pound, do it at your own risk, for the rest of the group will swarm towards you – as if from nowhere – demanding that you share your change with them too. 

Combating the Heat 

Egypt is warm, but if you’re visiting during the summer months – basically any time from May to October – you’re going to discover that it can be too warm. Clouds are scarce during those months, so make sure to pack (or buy immediately upon arrival) your trusty sunblock and after-sun lotion. You will also want to have a special place in your handbag for a bottle of water at all times; the last thing you want is to feel too exhausted from the heat early on the trip – there’s just too much to see! 

Walk Like an Egyptian

As you soak up the culture, the food, and the beautiful weather on your Egypt adventure, you want peace of mind. Packing light, walking on airy shoes, and hydrating will help you get the best out of your trip, and make it an unforgettable vacation for years to come. 


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