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Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad


There is a new real estate project in the federal capital called Nova City. It is located in Islamabad. This housing society was created to connect twin cities and provide affordable housing at a central location. The project targets all income levels in Pakistan. This real estate project will compete with the vast real estate projects in Islamabad, Pakistan, in the future. Property insights say Nova City offers top-notch investment opportunities.

Nova City Islamabad Developers & Owners:

Nova City Developers are the Nova City’s owners and developers. This firm is known for its many real estate developments, high-quality infrastructure, and prompt delivery. Junaid Afzal is the owner of Nova City Developers. The Nova City School System was developed by them previously. It is currently active in New City Wah Cantt and other locations. The Nova City Islamabad is a state-of-the-art residential and commercial environment they are now creating.

Nova City Islamabad NOC:

A No Objection Certificate (NOC) plays a crucial role in increasing the value of any real estate property. The No Objection Certificate (NOC), required for Nova City’s launching phase, has yet to be granted. Nova City’s management will soon be able to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC), and then this land will be the envy of all investors.

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Nova City Location:

Nova City is in a prime spot in the federal capital. It is only a few kilometers from New Islamabad Airport, making it a desirable tourist location. These geographics contribute to the high value of Nova City Islamabad. Residents and investors will have easy access to major cities and nearby transportation facilities.

Nova City Access Roads:

The main entrance to this scheme is accessible via the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Additionally, the backside of the area is linked with the CPEC route. One of the main entrances to this scheme is Bongo Kanial Road.

It is located right next to the CPEC Ring Road Interchange. This housing society is also close to the Lahore Islamabad M-2 motorway. It offers secure and central living and easy access from Rawalpindi (Islamabad) and Islamabad. It takes approximately 31 minutes to reach Rawalpindi or Islamabad from Nova City. This time is 26 minutes for Islamabad and Rawalpindi, respectively. This area is home to many famous destinations.

These are the closest places and landmarks to Nova City Islamabad:

  • Capital Smart City
  • Blue World City
  • Top City-1
  • Fateh Jhang
  • Eco Housing
  • Expo Centre
  • Flats by ASF
  • Attock

Nova City Accessibility:

This magnificent real estate venture is located in the heart of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. You can reach this area from nearby cities or other sites by the following routes:

  • Just next to the main CPEC route
  • Kanal is only 3 minutes away
  • 9 minutes from Dhok Korak and 8 minutes from N-80, Qutbal, or Attock
  • Nearly 25 minutes away from M-2 Motorway
  • Rawalpindi is just 31 minutes away
  • New Islamabad International Airport is only 21 minutes away
  • Islamabad is only 26 minutes away
  • Just next to the CPEC Ring Road Interchange

Nova City Islamabad Master Plan:

Nova City Islamabad master plan is based on one vision: to create a futuristic residential/commercial setting while preserving the area’s natural beauty. The community is designed to provide modern living with a tactile nature. Nova City is a community of highly skilled engineers and architects who use cutting-edge technology to make it stand out from all the other housing societies in the twin city area.

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To develop the master plan, Nova City developers enlisted international developers for assistance. Only residential plots were offered for investment during the pre-launching phase and for some time after launch. Recent launches of commercial plots in the market have also received overwhelming responses.

Investors should be aware that the Nova City Islamabad master plan’s complete form is not yet public. Due to the ongoing NOC process, the administration has not yet made the Nova City Islamabad master plan public. Official sources claim that the community will adopt a division plan based on blocks, stages, or sectors.

Nova City Residential Plots:

There are several sizes of Nova City residential plots for sale:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Nova City Residential Plots Payment Plan:

Nova City’s owners announced an official payment plan for interested investors. The Nova City’s price distribution according to plot categories. These plots are very affordable and appealing in The NC. It’s good to get pre-launch rates, as the prices will rise soon.

The NC prices are very affordable, so the installment plans are user-friendly. Investors can get 40 monthly installments for all plot types and 8 half-yearly installments.

Nova City Islamabad 3.5 Marla Residential Plots:

Investors love Nova City because it offers affordability and luxurious features. Nova City’s management has added a new category of plots to its residential plots portfolio, considering investor attraction. To help people with lower budgets, the society’s concerned authorities have recently launched Residential plots in the 3.5 Marla range.

The 3.5 plots will be available in the new residential block, boasting all the latest and best amenities. Nova City 3.5 Marla Residential Plots is the center of attraction for residents and investors.

Nova City 3.5 Marla Residential Plats Payment Plan:

This society offers 3.5 Marla plots that are an excellent value for money. You can book the plots with a 20% down payment and pay the remainder monthly. The 3.5 Marla Residential Lot cost is 1,275,000/$, and bookings start at 127,500/$. The remaining amount can be delivered in 40 monthly installments by investors after bookings are made. This gated community of 3.5 Marla plots is an excellent investment and residential opportunity.

Nova City Islamabad Commercial Plots:

The most recent addition to the housing society is the Nova City commercial plots. Commercial plots are currently available in two sizes:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

These plots are currently in limited supply and are priced surprisingly low. Nova City Commercial has its advantages. This is an excellent option if you’re looking to invest in a project that will yield a guaranteed return.

Also, the master plan provided the structure for the Nova City payment plan. The payment plan that is currently in effect on all plots is:

  • Booking Discount: 10%
  • Confirmation: 10%
  • 40 monthly installments
  • 8 semi-annual installments
  • The remainder of the amount remains in possession

Residents can take 10% off a 100% payment, and a 5% discount for 50% payments. There are also 10% additional charges for category plots, e.g., Corner plots, plots located in front of main boulevards, etc.

Nova City Esportes Block:

The management of Nova City Islamabad recently launched an addition to the society, the Esportes Block. This block is an addition to society’s luxury portfolio. People are keenly interested in the state-of-the-art block. This block is in a prime location within the society. It is easy to access from the main entrance via the CPEC route.

Nova City Esportes Block is a block that features the most up-to-date sports facilities, as the name suggests. Residents will have access to all kinds of international and domestic sports facilities. There are also some recreational amenities. The block offers several outstanding amenities, including a Nova City School, Cycling Tracks, Multipurpose Football Stadium, Cricket Stadium, and many other facilities. This block is the best residential location in the community, where residents can live a healthy lifestyle.

Esportes Block Plot Categories:

The block’s owners have provided the most sought-after and anticipated residential plot types. These are the categories of plots:

  • 8 Marla
  • 14 Marla

Esportes Block Installment and Payment Plan:

The block is still in its pre-launch phase, so plots are currently available at meager pre-launch prices. Esportes Block payment plan is designed to provide the most luxurious features. The price for an 8-marla residential plot is 40.40 Lacs. The booking amount is 8 lac 10 thousand PKR. 14 Marla is priced at 67.50 lacs, and bookings start from 14 Lacs 25 000. Esportes Block Installation Plan requires that the balance after booking be paid in 40 monthly installments.

Esportes Block Development Update:

This society’s concerned authorities organized the inauguration of this block on 9 January 2022. Investors showed great interest in the block, and the launch was done with full enthusiasm.

Nova Group hosted the Esporte Complex’s introduction ceremony alongside the Football Court and Badminton Court initiation ceremonies. This block is currently under development and will be completed soon.

Why Invest in Nova City:

The NC is a promising real estate venture with excellent investment potential. Society promises a bright future for residents and investors. It will provide infrastructure, convenience, quality neighborhoods, amenities, lifestyle, long-term revenue generation, and a great living environment.

Nova City’s beauty is enhanced by its beautiful landscapes and elegant design structures. This has also increased the city’s value. A prime location, secure and gated environment, efficient sewerage, standard education facilities, etc., are vital factors. These are the features buyers seek when purchasing a residential property.

All future extensions of the project will increase buyers’ demand immediately after the project enters the development phase. This would increase the need for this project and benefit investors in terms of return on investment.

Nova City Booking Process:

NC has an easy process for investors to book. These are the steps to make your booking:

  • Investors must pay almost 10% down payment to secure their plot
  • The down-payment is repaid, and the investor must pay 10% confirmation fees
  • The investor must pay 40 monthly installments to obtain the plot’s procession

Required Documents for Reservation of a Plot in the Nova City:

These documents are required to reserve a plot in this incredible residential development:

  • Copies of the computerized CNIC
  • Photograph of passport size
  • CNIC Front and Back of Next of Kin
  • Copies of the confirmation fee and down payment receipts

Nova City Islamabad Terms & Conditions:

When booking plots in Nova City Islamabad, these are the terms and conditions you need to remember:

  • If the investor fails within 45 days to confirm the plot, the property cancellation will be initiated immediately. The 75% amount will be refunded within six months of the termination.
  • An investor will receive a 10% discount on the full payment and a value of 5% on 50% of the property’s purchase price.

Latest Developments in Nova City Islamabad:

The site of Nova City Islamabad has a lot to offer. These are some highlights from recent developments at the site:

  • Cutting is done at 65 to 70%. Machines are on-site all day and nights
  • The inauguration of the sports complex is scheduled for the next few days. The complex is of international standard with indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Indoor court with grand tennis courts, a football court, and a basketball lane. It is fully functional and ready for use
  • Complete parking and roads
  • Mosque construction underway
  • Both indoor and outdoor gyms complete
  • Two parks have been completed out of several parks that were part of the Nova City master plan.
  • Place an order to import water filter plants
  • Also, Nova City Commercial plots are being cut
  • The concerned authorities are also examining the Nova City Islamabad NOC Application

If you’re interested in investing in Nova City Islamabad, consult Sky Marketing to ensure that the process is legal and safe.

The specialist will assist you with the entire process of booking a plot. He will provide detailed information about investment plans, payment plans and legalities, and the potential returns on your investments.



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