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Simplifying Valet Parking Solutions for Operators and Guests

Simplifying Valet Parking Solutions for Operators and Guests

Ticketless valet systems utilize modern technology to speed up the valet process and streamline operations. Text messages form the basis of mobile valet systems and make it possible to register vehicles without paper tickets.

Going Paperless

Guests can request vehicles through the simple process of replying the welcoming text message that they receive when they check in. The ticketless approach enhances customer satisfaction and provides valet operators with an innovative and lucrative way to earn more revenue.

Enhancing the Guest Experience

When guests arrive they give the valet number a mobile number as they drop their vehicles off. Guests receive a text that contains the instructions regarding how they will request their vehicle. The vehicle request is initiated when the guest is ready for the vehicle.

Valets ask guest for mobile numbers upon arrival, the app assigns the number and sends a text that contains a link to request their vehicle. Guests can pay in advance and present their digital tickets when they check out.

Advertisement Messages

  • Valets are typically the first point of contact and the last people to interact with guests. Their impression will have a significant effect on the overall experience. With mobile valet systems, the power of advertising at establishments as customers enter can be harnessed. This creates the ability to give businesses such as restaurants and retails shops worthwhile advertising opportunities.
  • Along with texts, video links can be embedded within messages in order for guests to view interactive maps of shopping malls, events and more. Valet operators that choose to use SMS valet will have access to endless possibilities for generating revenue.
  • During special events such as weddings, guests may receive links to photographs of the ceremony as they leave. Valets at various occasions are ideal for distributing links that feature upcoming events and encourage customers to return. A mobile valet app user’s ability to earn more revenue is only limited by the imagination.

Survey Messages

Hospitals are among the service providers that value the importance of guest surveys. Valets can give them valuable feedback by sending links to surveys while helping the hospital to gather instant feedback regarding aspects such as staff, cleanliness and general patient satisfaction. This increases the capacity to provide direct and faster responses.

Eliminating Ticket Skimming

Getting rid of ticket skimming is a critical element of modern valet technology. Each car that is registered at the valet location will be recorded within the app. When a guest checks in, a welcoming text or printed text that is produced by the app will be received rather than a paper ticket. The possibility of tickets being reused is eliminated and the revenue that is lost to skimming is secured.

Online Reports and Tracking

Mobile valet technology enables you to know the number of cars that are parked at every location at all times of the day. It can help to track the employees that park and retrieve vehicles. Online statistics and damage reporting are other inclusions on the platform that can improve the way operations are managed. Reports are accessible online at any time and from any place.


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