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Style Trends: Winter 2018 Edition

Style Trends: Winter 2018 Edition

Eager to look your best this winter? Here are a few of the hottest style trends that will be taking the snow-covered streets by storm in 2018.

Sequined Leggings

Leggings never really go out of style, but this year you can dazzle at the office Christmas party by popping on a sequin-spangled pair. Designers like Tom Ford have been pushing this trend on the catwalk, and it’s definitely a look that works well as long as you are confident in flaunting the contours of your lower half, even in freezing weather conditions.

Cashmere Mittens

Cashmere is such a warm, snugly material it makes sense to use it to make more than just sweaters. Enter…the cashmere mitten, a toasty new trend that will keep your hands out of the way of the biting wind. If your old gloves are looking a little long in the tooth and you don’t want to wear leather, then cashmere gloves could be a brilliant alternative.

Crocodile Print Handbag

Throughout the year various designer handbags emerge to enthral audiences around the world. This winter, the popularity of crocodile print has enjoyed a resurgence and now everyone is getting involved. The key thing to note here is that these handbags aren’t made using genuine crocodile skin, but rather a synthetic alternative, so you don’t need to worry about the ethics of owning one.

Printed Scarf

With accessories like these available across a number of price points, the printed scarf is returning to the fray for winter 2018 with designs to suit every taste. If you want to stay up to date with what influencers are wearing, it’s a good idea to pick a printed scarf that boasts a geometric pattern. This is something of an 80s throwback, but thankfully the more muted tones mean that you won’t blind people with the day-glo colours that defined that particular decade.

Wool Mask

Winter is the best time to invest in some exciting yet practical headwear and an intriguing push is being made by Gucci to get a wool mask into the mainstream. This will more realistically be worn as a headband to keep your hair in check, but could come in handy if conditions get really bad and you want to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes and nose while jogging.

Animal Print Anything

That’s right – if you’re a fan of animal print, then now is the time to buy something that features it, or dust of an older item from your wardrobe from the last time it was popular. From coats and tops to tights and shoes, animal print is everywhere at the moment. It’s even an option to go all-out by mixing and matching more than one type of animal print to create a truly wild outfit. The important thing to remember about winter fashion is that you shouldn’t let the grey skies and the dark nights drag you down, and animal print is an ideal option for bringing a bit of colour back into your life.

Fashion and High Society

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