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The Best Exercise Classes to Try When Visiting NYC

The Best Exercise Classes to Try When Visiting NYC

Do you feel better when you exercise regularly? Do you also not want to spend your precious vacation time stuck on a treadmill in a gym? Try incorporating exercise into your New York experience by trying some of the myriad classes that you can only find in the Big Apple. 


If you want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps then check out one of the many fantastic yoga studios that New York has to offer. 

If you want to feel like a wealthy Manhattan resident then a visit to Humming Puppy yoga studio on West 23rd Street is just the thing! The studio has been designed to look like a luxury penthouse apartment. Humming Puppy specializes in vinyasa-based practices, and its rooms are heated to no more than 80°F.

Om Factory is just off Union Square and is perfect for adventurous lovers of yoga. It offers a more traditional vinyasa class, but it also offers aerial yoga and acroyoga if you feel like getting your feet off of the ground! Om welcomes beginners – just make sure you tell your instructor if you haven’t done something before and they will take you through it. 

If you like your yoga with a side of hip hop, then visit Y7 Studio, where you can do a candlelit vinyasa class along to hip-hop songs both past and present. 

Finally, if you’d like to combine your yoga with a little sightseeing, then definitely check out the sunrise yoga walk at central park.


If your preferred exercise is a little more energetic, then a quintessentially New York workout is to go for a run in central park. You can either go for a run by yourself, or join one of the many organized running events that Central Park has to offer. There are also running groups all over the city if Central Park isn’t convenient for you.

If you do decide to run, it’s really important that you remember to warm up and cool down correctly so that you avoid having to deal with a doctor’s visit away from home! If you are already having joint issues, in particular knee issues, then light exercise is actually recommended as a way that you can prevent knee replacement surgery, but it’s really important that you don’t overdo it.


If you feel like doing something completely different, then how about a trapeze class? The Trapeze School New York welcomes beginners and more experienced flyers alike, so why not try something new while you’re exploring a new city?


If you love to impress on the dance floor, or just love moving to music, then try a dance class at Banana Skirt. The classes are all taught by professional dancers, who will have you looking good in no time!

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is slowly becoming accepted as a challenging and worthwhile sport, with pole competitions running yearly. If you want to emulate Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers, get fit, empower yourself and have fun then a pole dancing class could be just the thing! 

The tallest pole in New York City can be found at Brooklyn’s IncrediPOLE, which also offers body-positive beginner-friendly classes, including dance and conditioning classes. If you’d like to take advantage of your time in the city to learn some serious pole choreography, then check out Foxy Fitness and Pole, which focuses on both the fitness and artistic aspects of pole dancing.

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