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The Evolution of Android TVs

The Evolution of Android TVs


Launched in 2014, Android TVs have been proven to be a perfect stand-in for Google TV. Designed mainly for digital media players, this device comes in form of a dongle or set-top box which plugs into your TV. Nexus Player was the first launched Android TV device and it has rapidly evolved ever since. Its transformation has been consistent as a good number of IPTV providers have accepted Android TV products as set-top boxes. 


Some of the unique features of this device include its infusion with Google’s newest innovations such as Knowledge graph, Cast and Assistant, awesome voice search, display of content amassed from different media apps and services and a user friendly interface created for discovery of content. Video apps, network TV shows and on- demand video apps can be watched with this device.

Android TV Box

An android TV box is a mini media centre that is connected to a TV to play games and watch movies and TV shows. Video streaming and web surfing is made possible through this small box; it literally converts any TV into a smart TV. Most users prefer streaming live from favourite sites like Hulu and Netflix. Outstanding features of an Android Box include:

  • Google Assistant– most mid and high- end products like the Vissontech Android TV Box are progressively offering Google Assistant assimilation.  This can be activated using your Android box remote control as it comes in form of constant-listening set-top boxes. 
  • Bluetooth – Not all products are Bluetooth enabled, but for products with Bluetooth like Vissontech Android TV Box, you can easily connect your laptop, keyboard, phone or other devices to your TV.
  • Additional Ports– This feature depends on the device type as they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. These ports could include Ethernet ports for wireless internet connection usage, SD Card Slots and USB Ports that can be used for connecting gaming controllers, mice, peripherals and keyboards. 
  • Most Subsidized Yearly Subscription Rate ($25): This is possible when you purchase the Vissontech Android TV Box. This package includes 
  • Over 4500 + Channels & 4000 + OVD
  • IPTV subscription includes HD & SD Quality
  • Line: Android, WebTV, IOS, M3U, Smart TV Supported
  • MAC ID: Mag, Dreamlink, BuzzTV, Avov, STBEMU, Supported
  • No relative fee like creating or changing IPTV subscription on another device
  • No XTREAM Reseller panel to manage your IPTV subscription with easy
  • Professional Customer Support Team and Best International IPTV of 2019

Why Buy an Android TV Box

If you love flexibility, Easy Google apps integration/services and customization, then this device is your best bet. It is the best alternative to Fire TV, Roku and many other smart TV innovations as you can get music apps like Pandora and spotify. Video players like VLC and several utility apps like side load app launchers and file explorers are easily acessible. Your ability to download great diverse games like Sonic the Hedge Dog and Grand Theft Auto from the app stores is one reason why game lovers need this device


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