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Tracking Number: Concept & How to Use It

Tracking Number: Concept & How to Use It

When you place an online order, you are given a tracking number upon shipping. A tracking number (also referred to as tracking ID) is a unique identification number assigned to your package when it’s shipped. This number is displayed on the shipping label as a barcode decipherable with a barcode reader. It eases the process of keeping up with the shipping status and the most current location of your package. 

Most of the time, your package’s tracking ID is featured in your shipping confirmation. To find it, just click the link in the confirmation email, and that’s about it. In case you can’t find your tracking number anywhere or never received it in the first place, get in touch with the customer support service and let them know about the incident. Keep reading for more details on how to get and how to use tracking numbers.

Guide on Using Tracking Numbers

In a nutshell, you can use your tracking ID to keep tabs on your parcel’s current whereabouts. Wondering how to find the tracking number assigned to your package? There are several ways to do it:

  • look for it in the digital receipt you were given upon payment;
  • check your electronic mail;
  • check your text messages.

There are two major ways in which you can utilize your tracking ID to determine your delivery status.

  1. Call the delivery company’s customer service. Once you make that call, they will ask for your tracking ID to assist you in defining the location of your package. Usually, package tracking statuses are as follows: departed, in transition, at the warehouse, delivered, and the like.
  2. Make the best out of your most preferred online tracking tool to figure out your package’s location in real-time. With a good service, be it a standalone tool for tracking of FedEx packages or a top-level all-in-one online tracker, you will pinpoint the location of your parcel in a matter of mere moments.

FAQ About Using Tracking Numbers 

Do you have specific questions left related to using your tracking ID? In this section, we will provide answers to some of our readers’ most frequently asked questions on the topic. Take a browse through them, for chances are here you might find the info you’ve been on the prowl for.

What if I can’t find my tracking number?

If you left your email or phone number when ordering delivery, the delivery service is where you should turn to for your tracking ID. Call their helpline and ask them to find your tracking number in exchange for your name and the aforementioned contact details. 

What if I have a tracking number but no idea which delivery company I’ve used?

Well, that’s a bummer. Still, these issues have a relatively simple solution. Turn to a top-notch cloud-based shipment tracking tool that serves as a one-stop-shop for checking all possible deliveries. Yes, there are tools like that on the scene. The best of them are paid, but they’re worth every penny, especially if you happen to need this kind of software for your eCommerce business on a regular basis.

Do I have to pay to receive a tracking ID?

No, tracking numbers are 100% free of charge. When your item is shipped via a delivery service, they send you the tracking ID for free.

Can I use my tracking number twice?

Absolutely. You’re free to use your tracking number as many times as you like to monitor your shipment’s here-and-now location in real-time. 

I still haven’t received my package. My tracking number returns vague statuses.

You’re frustrated that your shipment has been delayed, that’s understandable. However, these things happen frequently, so just keep calm and approach the issue wisely. First, use your tracking ID to find out where exactly your package is. If the status is ‘in transit,’ then all you can do is wait a few days. In case nothing changes after you wait, contact the delivery service helpline for explanations.

The Importance of a Tracking ID 

There’s a treasure trove of benefits of having a correct tracking number on your hands. First, it gives you (or your customers) peace of mind. People who are unable to monitor the shipping process are prone to stress over the items’ whereabouts and delivery date. As a result, they often regret purchasing the product and want to cancel the order. 

Second, tracking numbers reduce pressure on customer service managers. Client service teams have a lot to handle. Therefore, they feel extremely relieved when they don’t have to answer thousands of questions related to clients’ shipment details. As a result, they have more time to focus on other important stuff. Furthermore, tracking IDs aid companies in recovering lost packages and provide overall transparency of the shipment process. 

Cutting to the chase, tracking numbers are vital for both online shop owners and their clients. Make use of this fine instrument to make the delivery process as effortless and stress-free as possible.


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