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What are the Basic Steps of Link Building?

What are the Basic Steps of Link Building?

Marketing is all about building solid relationships. And in this digital world, businesses are highly concerned about how to bring attention to their websites. One way to do so acquire links from other website. This is an ideal way to enhance online visibility. Platforms like can help you do that.

Building links in an organized way is a long term investment. You are building relationships that will surely pay off. It is an amazing way to acquire mentions of your brand on authoritative and relevant websites.

But how do you do it? Here are five easy steps of link building:

  1. Research

First step is conducting enough research. Look for the kind of websites you want to discover. Make sure they are of high quality and are highly authoritative. They are seen as trustworthy. You don’t want to have a link on website that is a spam. Link with websites that are popular amongst your competitors. There are many online tools that can help you with this task. Make sure you use them for link building.

  1. Outreach

Once you have used your research to form a list of good standard websites with whom you want to build relationships then connect with them through social media. This is an easy way to begin a conversation and build strong relationships. It is also essential to organize your outreach. Take relevant contact information and other important notes. Since it can be a laborious task, you can distribute the load and assign the tasks if you have a team.

  1. Organize

Everything needs to be organized in order to achieve successful results. You need to know everything about potential links and relationships you are working on. Note down the dates of first outreach and follow ups. Also look over the type of links requested or acquired. You may also need a website domain. Make sure you are taking notes of the conversation being conducted. Talking to a load of people wouldn’t let you remember each word they said. Keep a habit of taking notes.

  1. Follow up

Once you have organized all the data, you will hopefully hear back from some site owners who will be ready to build a relationship with you. Make sure you are constantly maintaining your information. You must be aware of every step of link building, from requesting links to active links. The more information you have, better organization you will need to maintain all the data.

  1. Report

This is one the biggest struggles marketers’ experience. They face the difficulty of proving their worth to boss and clients. How did you reach the conversions? You need to maintain a report of all the work you have done. Keep a track of the data and produce a PDF report of all the links you have been working for a long time. It is a brief representation of the specifics you have worked on. It might even show exact domains where your links live.


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