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When can you undertake eyelash extension?

When can you undertake eyelash extension?

The phrase that best coins the definition of beauty is – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It highlights the transient nature of beauty that appeals to how one considers something beautiful, varying from person to person. However, this definition of beauty perhaps does not seem to be correct when defining a woman’s looks that rely heavily on the appearance of the eyes, which can captivate the audience. Beauty is a right for women worldwide as they realize feeling beautiful is their personal choice that they can make every day and express themselves in the way they want.  

Beauty trends come and go as societies and cultures evolve. However, one beauty trend that has withstood the test of times through the centuries focuses on beautiful eyelashes that have remained the cynosure of all eyes. Long and curled eyelashes have been the epitome of beauty, and the idea of extending the length of eyelashes is as old as the hills. Through the centuries, beauticians have used various means to create attractive eyelashes, and today you can visit a studio for RALEIGH EYELASH EXTENSIONS to fulfill your beauty needs. Eyelash extensions are a fascinating craft and an intricate art form applied by makeup artists who acquire the skills and expertise gained through long hours of training and days of practice to provide the results that delight customers.

Eyelash extensions are not for everyone

Almost every woman can aspire to have beautiful eyelashes crafted in the way they want, but it is crucial to understand whether everyone is the right candidate for the procedure. But the truth is that the procedure of attaching artificial extensions to eyelashes might not suit all. If you have natural eyelashes, it can make you a suitable candidate for fixing extensions it provided the lashes are in optimal health, and you do not have a history of hair loss condition. Most importantly, you must not be sensitive to allergies, which are often a cause for desisting from the procedure. If you have few or no natural hairs of eyelashes or are weak and poor medical conditions, you will not be suitable for the procedure. Consult your stylist to evaluate your situation to determine your suitability for the procedure. 

How consultation with the stylist helps

During your consultation with the stylist, you can hope for some good results. Because the evaluation reveals some shortcomings of your eyelashes, the stylist can determine their nature and intensity and suggest overcoming it. Some medical treatment might help, and even some stylish tips to improve the condition can give you a second opportunity to try out the procedure sometime later when you would be ready with a healthy lash line.

Conditions that can cancel your candidature

Before approaching a studio for eyelash extensions, you can do a self-evaluation to determine whether you are fit for the procedure.  There are many ways of doing this and the tips here can help you with this. 

  • If you have scanty natural eyelashes, you cannot go for an eyelash extension procedure because the stylist uses your lash line as the base for affixing the artificial extensions.  
  • Those who suffer from a condition that disables the ability to grow hair, which in medical terminology is Alopecia, automatically disqualifies from having the procedure. 
  • Your natural eyelashes must be of some minimal length because too sort eyelashes cannot hold on to the extensions. 
  • Some people suffer from a disorder that manifests in the form of plucking the eyelashes frequently; reducing the density of natural eyelashes if the stylist feels that the lash line is healthy that they can recommend the procedure.
  • Poor health of the natural lashes, which are weak, fragile, short, and thin, cannot withstand the procedure of affixing the artificial extensions to it. To improve the condition and strengthen your natural lashes, you must consume nutritious food rich in vitamins and other nutrients that encourage fast hair growth. It will revitalize your natural eyelashes after some time. 
  • After undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, those who lose natural eyelashes must wait until the eyelashes grow again and provide a healthy and robust lash line suitable for the procedure.

Treating allergies

Those who are allergic to adhesives would better keep away from trying artificial eye extensions. Although the adhesive used for affixing eye extensions is of the medical-grade, it might cause allergies for some people. To determine adhesives’ suitability, salons conduct a patch test on the candidate with varying strength of adhesives to find out the best alternate option. 

The patch test

The stylist will first understand from you the area of the point where you want to have the extensions attached. The stylist will then select 5 extensions close together in the area and ensure that nothing is stuck together, no adhesive drops remain on the skin, and nothing is attached to the skin. The stylist will keep a record of the adhesive applied on which eye and leave it 24 hours to 48 hours. On completing the wait time, the stylist will check for any reaction localized to the area of adhesive application. It will help to understand which adhesive is unsuitable and which they can use for the procedure.

However, if you are overall intolerant to adhesives, you must forget about having eyelash extensions.

Medical conditions to consider

If you are on thyroid medication, you can still undergo eyelash extensions, but the chances of shedding could increase. If you encounter such a situation, you must go for weekly refilling to maintain the density of eyelashes and a healthy lash line. Talk to your stylist and they can help you.

You cannot undergo the procedure if you have any eye infection. Treat the infection, and only after curing you can approach the stylist to carry out the eyelash extensions. Your doctor must confirm that you got cured of the disease and ready to undertake an eyelash extension procedure. If you undergo microblading, wait for the brow to heal to start the process of eyelash extension.

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