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Why Custom Order Battery Packs?

Why Custom Order Battery Packs?

Perhaps, you’ve been looking for some top-of-market custom battery pack manufacturers who can quickly, correctly, and professionally handle your order? More likely, you’ve never even thought about ordering custom batteries.

For a wide range of industries and consumers, ordering a custom-made battery pack actually makes a lot of sense. And that holds true whether we’re talking about lithium ion batteries, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, or something else.

When you use something less than your optimal battery for an application, be it for a power tool, golf cart, e-surf board, electric bike, or electric car, you are taking risks and limiting efficiency. Despite the extra cost of custom-making your battery packs, for applications where weight, size, dimensions, or high performance demands are essential, it may well be worth it.

Here are the top 7 reasons why a manufacturer, or in some cases an individual, would want to order custom built battery packs:

1. Precision

The first reason to get a battery pack custom made is simply quality. You get greater precision in matching the pack to the exact electrical/mechanical needs of your product. This is going to get you absolutely optimal performance with minimal to no waste.

2. Integration

Aside from the performance of the battery, there is also the issue of integrating it into the build of the product without weighing it down too much or getting in the way of other components due to bulk or shape. Style also demands integration, as does aerodynamics.

3. Safety

Custom made battery packs will be sealed by the manufacturer to prevent tampering or accidental opening by a consumer. There will also be instructions on which types of cells/chargers to use with the battery. The better fit between product and battery pack means less risk of explosion, fire, or another accident.

4. Reliability

Customized batteries are likely to be more durable and reliable when actually used. Plus, many battery customizers will weld connections between cells, which renders much more reliable performance than with spring-contact cells.

5. Cost Savings

For manufacturers, at least, outsourcing to get custom battery packs made is often a cost saver. You don’t have to deal with the extra work and components on-site nor hire extra workers to assembly the batteries. Fixed-cell pack construction actually uses less materials, which is another way you can save.

6. Future Profits

For manufacturers, customizing your battery packs for your various applications means that consumers will have to buy your batteries when it’s time to replace the old ones and will need to buy only compatible chargers and other accessories, which your company also likely manufactures.

7. Convenience & Expertise

Whether you are an individual or a company in need of a customized battery pack, you’re better off ordering it from the professionals. Why? Because the risk of making even a small mistake in building a battery is very real and can cause big problems. Also because the time and resources it will drain out of you are substantial, whereas, the convenience of just ordering it frees you up to focus on other things.

Now, there are obviously situations where you wouldn’t need a custom battery pack or where a rare individual would possess the requisite expertise to make one on a DIY basis. However, the above-listed 7 advantages hold true across a wide swathe of situations.

Anytime you need a precisely configured battery that will consistently let your product or application reach its full performance potential, customization of your battery pack is a good idea. Whenever you need a custom built battery, it’s a job generally best left to those who do it day in and day out.


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