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Why your organization should archive data on cloud services

Why your organization should archive data on cloud services

Archiving all your organization’s data is important for a number of reasons. You probably already have an archiving model in place. But most archiving models are unsuitable for the long run. Cloud-based storing is the latest development in the digital storage space. You should also opt for storing all your organization’s data digitally on a cloud. Here’s why:

It saves space

Earlier, if you wanted to store your organization’s data, you would simply back it up on a disk. But as your organization grew, you suddenly had dozens of disks containing data. Soon, you had to dedicate an entire room to store the disks. At a time when you need to utilize the entire space available to you, dedicating an entire area just for storing data won’t be feasible. Archiving your data on the cloud will spare you the burden of physical storage that takes up too much of your space.

The system is much more reliable

Physical devices that are traditionally used for storing data are very reliable. They might suffer from physical damage or might become overloaded and crash. In any case, your data will be lost forever. Stats suggest that over 4.1 billion records were exposed in the first 6 months of 2019!

Thus, archiving your data on reliable cloud services will protect your data from any sort of damage to your precious data. There is no risk of physical damage and absolutely no question of overloading the service. You can simply back up your data and relax knowing that you will be able to access it in just a matter of minutes even after a long time.

Your data will be more secure

Storing your data on physical devices is risky because they are very easy to steal. Your data can be in the wrong hands if you don’t bear the burden of paying for additional security. When you use a cloud-based service to archive your data, the service makes sure that your data is well protected. There is a minimum threat of theft, even by hacking, as cloud services have strong security systems in place.

It saves a lot of overhead costs

Just as we mentioned before, archiving data physically requires a lot of effort. You first have to purchase hardware, then spend time on storing data in it. Then you will have to dedicate physical space to store those hard disks which will only increase as your company grows. Moreover, you will have to spend on security to protect the hardware from being stolen.

All of these expenses will put a burden on your company. Opting for digital archiving on the cloud will save you all these overhead expenses. You will have to spend a lot less and will be able to get more security and reliability than the traditional method.

Data becomes easily accessible

The whole point of archiving data is that people can access it anytime they want to. Physical archives are quite big and it’s difficult to navigate them. It also takes up a lot of time to look for a particular piece of information amongst so much data.

Using a cloud service will make all of your data easily accessible to everyone in the future. They can simply search for what they want and within a few minutes, they will have access to it. Looking through the archives will become a simple task instead of a tedious one.

Use Stillio for archiving data on the cloud.

Stillio is an amazing automation software that relieves you of the burden of spending time to back up all of your organization’s data to the cloud personally. It automatically takes screenshots of the pages you require at intervals of time you can set based on your requirements.

Stillio will also upload all of the screenshots on third-party cloud services like Google Drive if you want it to. Every month, you will also be able to install a zip file of all the screenshots to store it on your device or on a cloud service indefinitely. Stillio works as a great alternative to traditional Archive. Take a look at some advantages of Stillio here.

Archiving on the cloud will save a lot of physical space and will be greatly beneficial for your organization in the long run. So, what’s the wait worth for? Archive all your data on the cloud services ASAP. 


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