Beard Care 101: 4 Tips for Maintaining Your Beard

Beard Care 101: 4 Tips for Maintaining Your Beard

Growing a beard seems to have been a recent fad in the last few years—it’s hard to walk past someone who doesn’t have one. Some men have stubbly beards, while others have full beards or chinstraps that attach to a mustache.

Regardless, it’s a nice addition to your facial aesthetic. But having that perfect beard comes at a price; you’ll need an excellent beard care routine to ensure it doesn’t hinder your appearance. So here are some tips to help you maintain your beard and keep it in perfect condition.

1. Beard Grooming is Important

No one likes having a beard that’s out of control. Sometimes life gets in the way of your routine, but there are other moments when you don’t feel like taking care of it. As a result, your beard ends up looking rough, and it’s something you don’t want to experience. You’ll have split ends and itchy facial hair, which can be a nuisance.

So before your beard becomes too much to handle, trim it. You can go to the barber and have them do it, or you can do it yourself. Depending on your beard’s length, you can use scissors to reduce the amount of hair. Beard trimmers also work well, but make sure you have a steady hand to avoid accidents.

If you want that barber-like touch without spending the money, you can also use a straight razor. Using this tool, you can easily shape your beard to keep it looking fresh. Furthermore, the straight razor works well with beard cream to improve your beard’s appearance even more.

2. Wash Your Beard Regularly

This tip should go without saying, but washing your beard is essential. When your beard is a certain length, it becomes a home for crumbs and other food leftovers throughout the day. So it’s important to clean it a few times a week to ensure those leftover particles don’t stay lodged and start smelling.

Another reason you’ll want to wash your beard is to limit skin irritation. Having a beard is great, but the extra hair can take moisture away from your skin, leaving you with “beardruff” or beard dandruff. Not only will washing your beard mitigate the dryness, but it will also help lift potential ingrown hairs.

3. Keep Your Beard Hydrated

Maintaining your beard isn’t only about trimming and cleaning it; hydration is also important. After a good clean, your beard will feel good as new, but it may feel a little dry, which could affect the skin underneath. To help out, use some beard oil. It promotes follicle health while giving your beard a nice shine and the necessary moisture.

If you’ve never used it before, here’s what you do:

  1. Pour a few drops into your hands and rub together to give the oil some warmth
  2. Massage the oil into your beard’s base; make sure your beard isn’t wet, or else the oil will have no effect
  3. Work your way through your beard, spreading evenly, and ensure that you moisturize the underlying skin

A question you’ll often hear regarding beard oils is, “How much should you use?” Since everyone’s situation is different, the amount and frequency will differ. But here are a few rules you can follow:

  • For drier skin types or those living in a dry climate, apply daily or every other day
  • If you have naturally oily hair or live in a humid area, apply a few times a week
  • If there’s oil buildup in your beard, use as needed

4. Don’t Forget Your Neckline

You can’t forget your neckline if you’re serious about maintaining a well-groomed beard. Things can start looking rough when you don’t shape them up. Most guys think it’s a tall task to tackle, but it’s pretty simple. Here’s what you do:

  1. Place your middle and index finger above your Adam’s apple
  2. Using those two fingers, make a “U” shape pointing towards your ears
  3. Shave everything below this spot while ensuring your hair still wraps around your jawline

It’s important to note that if you only follow your jawline without using the “U” shaped method, your trim will appear awkward-looking and uneven. Use a mirror for extra guidance and take your time, especially if it’s your first experience trimming your beard. And if you want to fine-tune any loose edges, you can always use a straight razor.

Follow These Tips to Maintain a Healthy Beard

Beards are great, but they’re even better when adequately maintained. There’s no unique science behind taking care of your beard—all you need to do is follow the tips above.

To review, ensure you use a straight razor, scissors, or trimmer to keep your beard looking aesthetically pleasing. Also, wash your beard and use beard oils to help it stay clean and hydrated.



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