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Guide To Choosing The Best International School in Hong Kong

Guide To Choosing The Best International School in Hong Kong

Choosing an International School in Hong Kong depends on the students’ educational goals that help to proceed towards their career goals.  Since there are many international schools in Hong Kong, with each one offering its curriculum, it is crucial to understand what these curricula mean and how they can help students advance in their learning years and drive them in the right direction. Knowing what these International Schools have to offer should help to narrow down your search. 

Here are some tips that should make the task of choosing an International School Hong Kong easy for you.

Know about the curriculum

International Schools offer different curriculum, and parents must understand well what it means with respect to the education they want to provide to their children. Get all information about the style of education, class structure, and subjects.  Find answers o curriculum-related questions that are important for you. If holistic education is your goal, ensure that the curriculum can satisfy your needs. Consider the programs offered for the child’s emotional and social development and evaluate the aspect of integrating practical skills and techniques. 

International Schools usually follow the originating countries’ curriculum like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.   The American curriculum is most flexible and encourages independent creative thinkers, and promotes individual choices. On the other hand, the UK Internal School curriculum is more structured and focuses on discipline and diligence.

Match your values with that of the School

 As a parent, you have some plans for nurturing your children to ensure that they develop into citizens of the future by teaching some philosophy and values that are important to you. For example, integrity, diligence, and creativity are traits that you want to infuse in your children. When choosing a school, consider these aspects closely by looking at the school’s mission and vision. Try to understand the kind of environment that children would grow up in and the type of student that the school intends to produce.

Gather the views of current students and parents

By talking to the students of International Schools and their parents, you can gather the most authentic information about the school. You will come to know the school’s accurate picture as the persons you talk to would be giving their honest opinion. Try to connect with some parents of the children studying in the school to seek their views from the perspective of parenting. If it is not possible to identify physical contacts, take to the social media pages for identifying people with whom you can start talking.

 Observe the environment

Visit the school campus to have a feel about it and understand how much conducive and encouraging it would be for your child. Well-equipped and comfortable classrooms, libraries, and laboratories will enhance students’ learning. The sports and recreational facilities will ensure the child’s overall development who learns to adopt a balanced lifestyle. 

Children need friendly and supportive environments that allow them to grow in their way, and the school must offer the best environment that makes the child happy. 


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