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Moving Budget Estimation; A complete guide

Moving Budget Estimation; A complete guide

An out of state move is always very hectic which takes a lot of time, energy and not to forget money.  The cost of moving depends upon various factors so is not at all predictable. When we choose a moving company, they do provide us some estimate but that is not all. The estimated amount of the moving companies varies according to the services offered and taken by the client. Sometimes there are many hidden charges as well. 

Here we are giving an idea of some average cost of moving either by hiring a moving company or by renting a moving truck. It is quite obvious that hiring a professional moving company will cost higher than simply renting a moving truck and opting for a DIY move. Renting a moving container is another good option for moving which costs somewhere in-between hiring a company and renting a truck. 

When Opting for a Professional Moving Company:

If you are opting for a professional moving company which means the company will be doing all the chores related to the moving process including packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking. Though it is the most convenient way but is also the most costly way of moving. 

The cost of the move is affected by many factors including weight of your belongings, distance to be moved, insurance and labour costs. The cost will also be affected by the time of your move as moving in peak hours and peak days will cost you more as compare to a mid-month or mid-week move. While hiring a professional moving company, always keep in mind that if the weight or distance exceeds more than the estimates, the company may charge you hefty amount at the last minute, so to avoid any such conditions, be sure in advance about all the terms and conditions about add-on prices. 

When Using a Portable Moving Container:

Moving containers are the most cost effective and convenient way of moving. These portable moving containers are provided a few days prior to the actual move due to which the client gets enough time to pack and load the container. You can pack and load the things as per your requirement. There are various sizes of moving containers available to suit the needs of every individual. Once the moving container is loaded, the company staff comes, lifts the container and drops it at your new house. 

The cost of a portable moving container depends on the distance to be travelled and the type of containers like the containers with a climate controlled facility will cost more than a normal container. 

When Renting a Moving Truck for DIY Move:

Renting a moving truck is the most important aspect in a DIY move. Renting a truck and opting for a DIY move is the most affordable way of moving. This is the cheapest way of moving. 

The cost of the Rented Truck depends on the size of the truck chosen for the move, distance to be travelled, round trip or one way moving, road taxes, fuel charges, and also time and date of the move. The cost will also depend upon the services taken as you can also opt for a driver and labour for loading and unloading.

Along with the type of moving there are several other costs that may impact the final moving cost that may include:

  • Moving supplies: Moving supplies is one of the major factors that majorly impact the moving cost. No matter what way you choose for moving, moving supplies will also be needed to pack the stuff. Moving supplies may include packing paper, bubble wraps, moving boxes, foam pouches, packing tape, box labels, and strings. 
  • Rent or Purchase of House: Other major cost that may impact your final moving cost is the cost of the house. Though buying a home can be a major investment but even if you’re renting a home at your new place, you will have to pay certain costs including fees of the Realtor, appraisal fees and insurance.
  • Furniture: You may need to buy new furniture and/or other household items at your new place which may influence your final moving cost. There can be many reasons for buying new furniture or furnishings like your old furniture may not fit in the new house space.
  • Shipping of Automobile: The cost of automobile shipping should also be added into your moving budget estimate especially if you are moving to a far off place and want to avoid driving your car to the new place. In case of automobile shipping, you should hire professionals to ship it which may charge a handsome amount or shipping.
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: There are many other miscellaneous expenses that you may have to bear during a move. These miscellaneous charges should also be added into the moving budget estimate. These expenses may include tips to the moving staff and labour, traveling expenses, food expenses during travel to new place, and medical emergency situations. 

While buying homeowners insurance:

If your moving company does not offers you a home insurance, it is important that you buy one on your own. Connect with the best homeowners insurance providers and compare various options before you buy an insurance.

So, these are a few estimations that you must keep in mind before you pack and move your entirehousehold to a new place.


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