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The Glorious Corner

The Glorious Corner

Photo: Ivan Farkas/Archive Pierre Cardin

PIERRE CARDIN RIP-— The French fashion giant, whose career spanned more than 70 years, helped usher in the post-war “golden age” of couture with his modern style has died at 98. He broke ground by bringing designer styles to the masses with some of the first ready-to-wear collections.

A business pioneer, he also licensed his name for a wide range of products.

He died in hospital in Neuilly, near Paris, his family told the AFP news agency.

“It is a day of great sadness for all our family. Pierre Cardin is no more,” they said in a statement. “We are all proud of his tenacious ambition and the daring he has shown throughout his life.”

After the news was announced, his official Instagram account posted one of his quotes: “I have always worked in my own style, which is different from all others. It was always my intention to be different, because that is the only way to last.”

The fashion world paid tribute, with fellow French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier thanking him for “opening the doors to fashion and for making my dream possible.”

Elle magazine editor-in-chief and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia said Cardin’s designs showed “how fashion has the power to design the future.”

She wrote: “His curiosity, his vision and his love for the art of fashion helped shape the dreams of many women during the second half of the 20th Century.

“Even today his designs are truly modern, with silhouettes and fabrics that have inspired many contemporary designers.”

Benetton artistic director Jean-Charles de Castelbajac said Cardin was an “a very extraordinary man” who did not set borders between fashion, design or architecture.

He told AFP that “his inspiration boosted my imagination” and that for Cardin, the marketing and promotion of his art “was as important as the art itself.”

Photographer and former model Nigel Barker tweeted: “We have lost a legend… Fashion Designer Pierre Cardin who revolutionized the industry with his futuristic designs and think outside of the box business approach has passed away today.”

Cardin was born in Italy in 1922 but moved to France as a child. He began his fashion career in Paris working for firms including Christian Dior, for whom he helped create the New Look collection in 1947.

He set up his own fashion company in 1950 and made his name with visionary designs like the iconic bubble dress in 1954 and his Space Age collection in 1964.

At the end of the 1950’s, he launched his first ready-to-wear collection for the Printemps department store. While pop stars and actors like the Beatles and Lauren Bacall were seen wearing Cardin, his cutting-edge designs were also within reach of ordinary customers.

With a savvy business sense, he also came to recognize the appeal of the name on the label, and allowed his to be used on goods ranging from sunglasses to perfume, pens and food. However, to some, that expansion diluted the appeal of his core business.

Justine Picardie, contributing editor of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, told BBC Radio 4’s The World At One: “He became synonymous with those global licensing deals – anything from ties and pens to cars.

“He was also synonymous with the popularization and democratization of fashion, and with this idea of the space age.”

Cardin also set his sights on a new globalized world market, presenting a collection in Communist China in 1979, and Moscow’s Red Square in 1991. An icon for certain.

Freda Payne, Johnny Mathis 

SHORT TAKES — Whatever happened to that Freda Payne/Johnny Mathis duet “They Can’t Take That Away From Me?” It came … and, went, around Thanksgiving day. Too bad, it was a spectacular track and pairing.

Freda Payne

I happened to be with a good friend from SiriusXMwho said if he knew about it, they definitely would have added it. Here’s a video on the recording session: 

 Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

This whole Hilaria Baldwin-imbroglio is much ado about nothing. I don’t really care if she’s from Spain, Boston, or even NYC. Mehtinks this is blow-back because of husband Alec. Listen, I thought all sorts of things about Alec too … but, several conversations with him last year showed me how wrong I was. He’s a smart, smart guy and makes total sense .. although I don’t know if I’d refer to TMZ as a sewage dump. Forgive and forget I say … 

Micky Dolenz and Steve Walter at CBS FM

From former Micky In The Morning CBS FM engineer Bruce Goldberg: “Here’s some fun for my music-loving friends! I produced this montage in 2000 when VH1 released their list of “Top 100 Greatest Rock Songs Of All Time”. It was only played on WPLJ (NY) one time and has been sitting in my computer since. So, I thought I’d dust it off and share it. All 100 songs from #100 to #1 in just 4:23. Whether you agree with the list or not, it sure is fun to listen to. Of course, you know all the songs, but they come quickly. For maximum fun, listen to the montage first without the list and try to see how many you can name. And, then, on second listen, follow along with the list and check how you did.The list can be found if you click on the title in the info box under the YouTube video window and scroll down.” Terrific fun:

Happy BDay Michael Nesmith …And, let’s kiss off 2020 goodbye quickly. Awful year for sure; here’s to a better 2021!

NAMES IN THE NEWS — David Furnish; Frank Conway; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Michael Goetz; Michael Sutton; Jim Ryan; Roy Trakin; Jacqueline Boyd; William Schill; Steve Leeds; Bobby Rydell; Nancy Jeffries; Scott Shannon; Race Taylor; Barry Fisch; Lush ice; Jerry Church; and, ZIGGY!


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