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G. H. Harding

LOST IN SPACE 2 — One of the best cable shows I’ve seen in years (along with Maisel; Fleabag and Mindhunters) was the 2018 re-booted Lost in Space on Netflix. Sure, I was a fan of the original show (1965-1968): campy and fun for sure. Created by the legendary Irwin Allen (he also created Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea); it dealt with the lost-in-space Robinson family.

The re-boot, developed by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, switches to a very-dramatic and dark take; and, re-imagines the evil Dr. Smith (originally played by the whimsical Jonathan  Harris) as a woman; which is a spot-on performance by Parker Posey.

For some reason the 2018 take was only a middling hit and there was some question as to whether there’d be a Season two. On December 24,  Season Two debuts. Yes, it’s a strange time to drop a new season, but from the trailer, it looks tremendous.

Season One ended with the Robinson’s officially leaving the robot, which had helped only young-Will, but is seemingly possessed by some sort of trauma, which left many of its actions in question.

Parker, as Smith, befriends young Will to do her bidding. Again, Posey, known for her quirky roles, hits a high mark here.

Also tremendous are, Molly Parker, Toby Stephens and, Maxwell Jenkins. For fans of the original series (and, yes, there are still some around!) the robot has been given a re-boot too; now looking terrifically menacing.

If you haven’t seen this show yet; start with Season One. The money it cost to do this is all on the screen; sumptuous special-effects. It’s tremendous. 

GOLDBERG PASSES — (Via Deadline) Leonard Goldberg, a former president of 20th Century Fox and Head of Programming at ABC who’s numerous producer credits include creating Charlie’s Angels and Blue Bloods, along with such shows as T.J. Hooker, Family and Fantasy Island and many other TV show and movies, has died. He was 85. The Emmy winner died from injuries resulting from a fall December 4, his publicist told Deadline.

In partnership with Aaron Spelling, Goldberg was behind a string of hit TV series including Charlie’s Angels, Hart to Hart, The Rookies, Starsky & Hutch, Fantasy Island, Family and S.W.A.T. He won the NAACP Image Award for Television Producer of the Year for LAPD drama The Rookies.

Classic ABC series that bowed during his tenure include The Mod Squad, That Girl and Marcus Welby, M.D. He also was a pioneer of the made-for-TV format in the 1970’s.

“Television will always be here,” Goldberg said in a 2004 interview for the Television Academy Foundation. “It is the most powerful medium I’ve known of since the first time I saw it and why I switched from advertising to television. And when it’s used for all of its good, it’s fabulous.”

Goldberg also produced many feature films, including Charlie’s Angels (2000) and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) and had an EP credits on this year’s Charlie’s Angels reboot from Elizabeth Banks. Other feature credits include Unknown (2011), Double Jeopardy (1999), The Distinguished Gentleman (1992), Sleeping with the Enemy (1991), SpaceCamp (1986), WarGames (1983), All Night Long (1981) and Little League comedy sequel The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (1977).

The many 20th Century Fox hits released during his run as president include Broadcast News, Big, Die Hard, Wall Street and Working Girl.

“Unlike the engineer who builds a bridge to span a specific space or the lawyer who deals with the finite laws of our society,” Goldberg once said, “We, in the entertainment industry provide only flickering images on a television or movie screen. All we are bound by is our imagination, our creativity and our passion.”

Goldberg shared three Outstanding Drama Series Emmy noms for Family, which aired on ABC from 1976-80, and won an Emmy for the drama special Something About Amelia in 1984. He received a motion picture Showmanship Award from the Publicists Guild in 1984, was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame two years later and was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame in 2007.

Born on January 24, 1934, in New York, Goldberg began his broadcasting career with ABC’s research department. He moved over to NBC a year later, advancing to the position of Supervisor of Special Projects. He then joined Batten, Barton, Durstine Osborne Advertising but returned to the ABC Network as Director of New York Program Development, and quickly rose to become VP Daytime Programming..

During his tenure at ABC Daytime, Goldberg introduced such memorable shows as The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game and Dark Shadows. A year later, he was named Head of Programming for ABC, a position he held for the next three years. It was during this period that he developed and introduced the new primetime format — Movies Made Directly for Television — which immediately became a favorite with viewers everywhere and which still provides some of the medium’s most innovative and stimulating shows. Among those ABC telefilms with John Travolta starrer The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.

Under the aegis of his Mandy Films, Goldberg produced Something About Amelia, the 1984 ABC telefilm starring Glenn Close and Ted Danson. The highest-rated two-hour movie of its season, and one of the highest-rated ever for television, it reached as many as 70 million viewers. Amelia was internationally acclaimed for the frank and sensitive handling of the subject of incest.

NO NBC LOVE FOR DARLENE — From Darlene Love: Once again I was snubbed by Brad Lachman Productions who produce the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and instead they book another artist to perform my song “Christmas Baby, Please Come Home” each year!!!

Such an insult and let down!

They book these young artists who can’t even hit the notes properly and are off key.  Makes NO sense!!!

That’s my song and I’m still alive. Show me some respect!

My publicist has been trying for over ten years to lock this performance down for me and they keep saying that I’m not their demo or big enough and would only book me if Bette Midler or Bruce Springsteen would do it with me.

I would NEVER ask my friends to do that.  If you want them, go thru their team.

This business can be so unfair at times.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m TRULY blessed for what I have accomplished at 78 years of age, but it’s still a constant struggle to stay relevant and convince those who control the industry that I’m worth it.

I’m turning off the TV.  Gotta rest up for my holiday tour.

Thank you to all my fans and friends who do support me.  You keep my spirit happy and alive.



Forgotten Hits’ Kent Kotel summed up my thoughts perfectly: “It IS a shame that they ignore the artist who made this song famous … especially when she is ready, willing and able to sing it every year.  (What demo-friendly artist did they get to sing it instead?  When I saw the guest list for this show, I didn’t even know half of the names!)

So sad that anything to do with Christmas “tradition” is thrown by the wayside.”

You’d think that with the year NBC has had, they do it for the  positive ink they’d get. Amazing!

SHORT TAKES — Broadway’s J. Robert Spencer performs his “Waiting On Christmas” Monday night at the Broadway For All event at Lincoln Center, with Tony Shalhoub (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) hosting. It will be the debut performance for this new-Christmas-classic. Earlier Monday Spencer gets the podcast treatment from Zach Martin on his nationally-syndicated Big Fat American Podcast …

 Mark Bego with Linda Solomon

Celebrity-author Mark Bego guested at Linda Solomon’s book-launch last week in Tucson (and, even talked about his encounter with Ms. Franklin to the assembled gathering) for her new book on Aretha Franklin, The Queen Next Door: Aretha Franklin – An Intimate Portrait. Bego and Solomon are veterans of the legendary Kelly & Company TV show in Detroit, on WXYZ. Bego also visited with Micky Dolenz at his 50 Years Ago show Friday night show at Phoenix’s Celebrity Theatre. Dolenz by the way, is interviewed by Alec Baldwin this Tuesday for his podcast … As predicted, the Palm Restaurant empire is for sale. The legendary white-table cloth restaurant chain has been in Chapter 11 for the past year and in the opinion of many, in serious decline for years. We spoke to someone who ate there last week (after the David Bryne show) and said it just wasn’t what it once was. PR-pasha David Salidor, who handled the PR-for the West Side location for five years, said, “It was inevitable. When they jettisoned all the PR-people years ago, the writing was on the wall. The personnel, who went onto to run everything, just didn’t have their hearts in it. I can’t really comment on the court case which they lost, but it was unacceptable that they apparently attempted to defraud some of the original owners. With the right people running it, it could have reclaimed its original glory. Very sad for sure” … Happy Bday to Anthony Noto … Legendary photographer Reanne Rubinstein has passed. Here’s an excellent obit from The New York Times: …What is up with Nancy Peolosi’s right hand? Truly disturbing. Like something from a Hammer-horror epic … Nashville’s Dennis Scott, the man behind the terrific Thank You Mister Rogers CD, with artist like Micky Dolenz; Lee Greenwood; Jon Secada; The Cowsills;

Amy Billings; Dennis Scott and John Billings at Wine Down

Rita Wilson; and Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, visited Wine Down last week, in Nashville, to discuss the CD before an audience. Wine Down is the brainchild of musician John Billings and his wife Amy; a mainstay in Dolenz’s band for years …

Kjersti Long

We raved about 12-year old Kjersti Long earlier this year; a rave review in Digital Journal on her debut album (Stronger Than You Think I Am) … then nada. What happened? We tried to get to her PR-man, then found out he had resigned the project. Last week she appeared at a talent show in Flemington, New Jersey. We hear a major magazine is doing a story on what happened and the behind-the-scenes drama. Stay tuned  … Been listening heavily to Robbie Robertson’s latest album, Sinematic. Just terrific. A beautiful, sonic journey. Its close to being my #1 album of the year along with Stephen Bishop’s terrific, but way under-promoted We’ll Talk About It Later In The Car  … Top movies of the year so far include: One Upon A Time In Hollywood; The Irishman; and, Dolemite Is My Name … Best play so far: David Bryne’s American Utopia … We watched Netflix’s Marriage Story last night. The film has so far received just exemplary reviews and awards. I didn’t care for it. Sort of like a 2020-Kramer vs. Kramer. I love Adam Driver and he is the best thing in the movie. But I just didn’t get it …

Just got the new Chicago Christmas album, Chicago Christmas 2019. It’s been a great last few years for the band and we’ll get into the album next column … Not for nothing, but the version of “Electric Youth” that Debbie Gibson performed at the Thanksgiving Day Parade was not the original. It was a nice updated version for sure, but I miss the original. Great track for sure …RIP Ron Leibman.

NAMES IN THE NEWS: Jill Rappaport; Vinny Rich; Zach Martin; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Donna Quinter; Jason Elzy; Bruce Bozzi, Jr.; Sandy Gallin; Chris Gilman; Tony Shalhoub; Joel Diamond; Robert Funaro; Lee Jeske; Geoff Perren; Billy Jaymes; and, Ziggy!

G. H. Harding is a four decades insider to the entertainment world. He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production companies and several cable outlets. His anonymity is essential in bringing an unbiased view to his writings on pop culture. He is based in NYC.


TODAY Show Celebrates 30 Years With Its 2024 Citi Concert Series



The TODAY Show is celebrating 30 years so its 2024 Citi Concert Series lineup is pretty spectacular. Rockefeller Plaza will have country music with Wallows kicking things off. Chris Stapleton, Lainey Wilson and Thomas Rhett, as well as fan favorites Meghan Trainor, LL COOL J and Chance the Rapper.

Mark Your calendars:


Friday, May 24 — Wallows *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, May 31 — Anitta *Register for a Fan Pass


Friday, June 7 — Meghan Trainor *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, June 21 — Kehlani *Register for a Fan Pass

Tuesday, June 25 — Lainey Wilson *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, June 28 — Gracie Abrams *Register for a Fan Pass


Thursday, July 4 — Bleachers *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, July 12 — Rauw Alejandro *Register for a Fan Pass


Friday, Aug. 9 — Maggie Rogers *Register for a Fan Pass

Monday, Aug. 12 — Little Big Town and Sugarland *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, Aug. 16 — Chance the Rapper *Register for a Fan Pass

Friday, Aug. 23 — Thomas Rhett *Register for a Fan Pass


Friday, Sept. 27 — Chris Stapleton *Register for a Fan Pass

Date to be announced 

LL COOL J *Check back for Fan Passes

TODAY concerts are free and open to the public. The shows take place on the TODAY Plaza in Rockefeller Center, located at 48th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues, in New York City.

The closest subway stop to our TODAY Plaza concerts is the 47th — 50th Streets — Rockefeller Center station on the B, D, F, M trains. 24/7 parking is also available nearby at the Rockefeller Center Parking Garage at 53 West 48th Street. The garage is operated 24/7 and accepts reservations in advance. Hourly and daily parking rates apply.

Fan Passes are limited and available by advance request. Guests who receive them will be notified by email before the scheduled concert date.

Guests who do not obtain a Fan Pass can still attend the General Admission line the morning of the concert, and those fans will be let in if space allows. Other answers to commonly asked questions about the series can be found here.

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Out of Town

Crow’s/Obsidian Theatre Company’s “seven methods of killing kylie jenner” Kills It, Elevating the Dissertation with a Precise Brilliance




Dragging their baggage in with a determined force, these two, dressed in fake fur and leather, enter the space at Crow’s Theatre with manic laughter and a forceful narrative. Sharply and expertly written by British playwright, Jasmine Lee-Jones (Curious), the play dives in with a tightness and fortitude that elevates and enlightens the darkness of its exploration. With a hypnotic frustrated energy, the play masterfully rolls out the seven methods of killing kylie jenner without missing a beat, unpacking the intricate exploration of cultural appropriation and queerness with a sharp precision. Delivered in a modern vernacular that excites, it circles around its formula with a careful carefree existentialism, becoming deeply entwined in the pervasive influence of social media and celebrity culture that can do mental damage to those around them, especially in the arena of the ownership of black bodies online and IRL, as well as the connecting energy and complication of female friendships.

Déjah Dixon-Green in Crow’s/Obsidian Theatre’s seven methods for killing kylie jenner. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

It’s completely hyper-engrossing and thrilling, giving power back provocatively to our heroine, Cleo, dynamically portrayed by Déjah Dixon-Green (Stratford’s Much Ado About Nothing), a young black woman who, after a confessional breakup with her cheating boyfriend, expresses her fevered frustration and anger via Twitter using the profile name @INCOGNEGRO. She dives in with gusto, flying into the fray with an aggressive rage that rarely fizzles. The play unwraps the seven methods in a layered unhurried manner, giving space and time to the framework, while also delivering engagement energy to her forever friend, Kara, fascinatingly well-played by Jasmine Case (Tarragon’s Black Girl in Search Of..), a queer person who has lots to say, both positive and negative, about Cleo’s unpacking online.

Dixon-Green is solid and on point throughout, with Case finding engagement at every turn somewhat brilliantly, and together, they excel in every way possible, finding attunement and synchronized energy throughout. Veering somewhere between real life and the virtual space, the play, as directed with exacting intent by Jay Northcott (Tarragon’s A Poem for Rabia), spirals in a rich media space, focusing its lasers on the framework that the born-wealthy media personality, Kylie Jenner, can call herself “self-made“, basking in the positive warm glow of what that label means to a woman like her, and how it can be felt by a woman like Cleo. The unwrapping is expertly intricate and verbally captivating, forcing us to dive in with these two and pay close-close attention to this vivid exploration of Blackness, queerness, and the way the online world can spiral one way and then another in an instantaneous flash of engagement and brutality.

You think you’re funny, don’t you?” as her tweets spiral into the abstract world of death threats and verbal violence enlightening the space, designed with inventive flair by set designer, Nick Blais (Factory’s Trojan Girls…), with well-formulated video graphics, designed by Laura Warren (Outside the March’s No Save Points), helping guide us through the dynamic experimental argument that expands the needed structure addressed. Jones’ dialogue radiates quick, sharp, clever constructs, expanded in thought, and reduced to a parade of letters in caps most brilliantly. The sexual undercurrents are both hilarious and brazen, giving us ample reason to connect as she fastidiously piles up all the injustices against Black women that are woven into the wording of this expert play, and we find ourselves forever invested in her outcome and ultimate safety.

Jasmine Case and Déjah Dixon-Green in Crow’s/Obsidian Theatre’s seven methods for killing kylie jenner. Photo by Dahlia Katz

Steeped in the language of internet culture, assisted strongly by the sound design of Maddie Bautista (Stratford’s Les Belles-Soeurs), straightforward lighting by Christopher-Elizabeth (CS/Bluebird’s Maanomaa, My Brother), and precise costuming by Des’ree Gray (Coal Mine’s Appropriate), the delivery and online reaction to Cleo’s escalation pushes the agenda outward and upward. Embodying numerous online characters, the two flawless performers combine as an exacting unified force, showcasing Cleo’s viral methods for murder and the resulting pushback from the unseen faceless community that has a lot to say about her tweets. The recitation and debate are raw and deliberate, finding truths and the complicated echoings of racism and rape threats that are honestly horrifying and troubling. It’s a terrifying landscape, displaying the vile and horridness of the internet culture that we all play a part in, either as an active participant or abject denier.

Cleo’s tweets and dissertation gain momentum and the back-and-forth conversation becomes more drenched in blocked anger and hurt, with the two reclaiming their time when needed, as they navigate the difficult cloud space filled with personal dredged-up resentment and smoky spaces of connectivity. Demanding to be heard, yet also needing to find the empathy to apologize when required, these two friends work hard inside the vividness of this captivating play so they don’t get swallowed up whole by the racist violence of the world, even as Cleo vocalizes the seven methods of killing kylie jenner one after the other. Its high-minded viewpoint is crystal clear, and delivered with an expertise that is both thrilling and epic, finding inventive casualness in its meticulous unified delivery.

Gripping tight to our emotional attention with a brilliant determination by writer Jones, the play, while feeling a bit trapped by the body bag hidden in the back, seven methods of killing kylie jenner, produced by Obsidian Theatre in association with Crow’s Theatre, Toronto, finds its sharpness and quick wit in the end, reinventing the meta imaginative exit with the weight of history and cleverness. “What are you going to do now?“, they ask. Well…., I’m going to tell you all that this play is something to engage with, learn from, and completely celebrate, but more importantly, I’m going to tell you to get your tickets and dive into this inventive striking new play without delay or hesitation.

Déjah Dixon-Green in Crow’s/Obsidian Theatre’s seven methods for killing kylie jenner. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Crow’s/Obsidian Theatre Company’s seven methods of killing kylie jenner. For tickets and more information, click here.

For more go to

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The Glorious Corner



G.H. Harding

RASCALS AT SONY HALL — The Rascals long-awaited return to NYC proved to be a sensational evening of music. Their 16-song set, backed up by a terrific band -including bassist John Billings from Micky Dolenz’s band- was rocking from the start with their “Do You Feel It” and “”Beautiful Morning.” Felix Cavaliere’s vibrant vocals were just a joy. Face it, for people of a certain age, we grew up with this voice … just magical.

Micky Dolenz

Their cover of the Jackie Wilson-chestnut “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) High” set the SRO crowd afire.

Felix then brought his daughter Aria out for two selections. Clearly, she’s inherited by father’s dynamic vocal prowess. She was just terrific and a nice surprise.

Cavaliere then brought out guitarist Gene Cornish who was just wonderful. Gene has had some health issues, but his presence brought the show to a magnificent high-point.

Oddly, there was no mention of the rumored “My Hawaii” from Cavaliere with vocals from Dolly Parton. He mentioned it in a recent interview with Medium, but was mum about it on last Monday’s WOR-interview with Len Berman and Michael Riedel. I hear that the release has been held up several times. Sad … can’t wait to hear it.

The show ended with their signature classics “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long,” “How Can I Be Sure,” “People Got To Be Free” and Good Lovin’.” The Rascals’ music is ingrained and it was a joy to hear it once again. Truth be told, it sounded better than ever!

Seated in a corner booth by the stage was none other than Bill Murray – a huge fan. Great night sensational set. Also, there were Rascals-PR man David Salidor; Dan Zelinski; Billy Amendola; Magda Katz from Times Square Chronicles; and Susan Nuzzi Russo. Thanks to SONY Hall’s Peter Abraham for his assistance.

David Sanborn

DAVID SANBORN — We don’t usually re-print tributes, but this, from David Sanborn’s wife Alice Soyer was so heartfelt.  Take a read:

Dave, my love, my warrior, my soulmate, my unique bird, my everything. I cannot believe what I’m writing right now but what I know is that you changed my life, because of you I know what true love is, I had and have it all. I have it all. Although I’m going to miss you every single minute of my life, I know that the pain you were enduring was not right, those pains are now released and you are completely free. You are and will be in every note, in every breath, in every sound that touches the soul, in every sun beam, in every cloud, in every beat of my heart. Dave you are an inspiration. Your courage to be yourself, to reveal this true voice screaming from inside, oh my love you are a true warrior, a pure artist, an extraordinary being.I will honor you every step on the way, I will represent you, us. I love you madly.

Dave forever

Don Grolnick

SHORT TAKES — First off, I left off one very important member when I referenced The Brecker Brothers last time: keyboardist-genius Don Grolnick: terrifically talented and much-missed …

George Harrison

One of the best parts of watching Let It Be(again!) was seeing John & Yoko dancing to George Harrison’s stunningly-beautiful “I Me Mine.” Awesome…  From Roger Friedman’s SHOWBIZ 411:Barbra Streisand just released a new a beautiful new single called “Love Will Survive,” for the closing credits of the upcoming series “The Tattooist of Auschwitz.” It’s maybe Streisand’s best new vocal in years thanks to producers Walter Afanasieff (Mariah Carey’s classics) and Peter Asher (Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor classics). So now I’m told Streisand has booked the producing duo for her next album of duets. Barbra has a couple of these under her belt over her six decade career. But this one sounds like a powerhouse … Great interview with Micky Dolenz in advance of his Surf Ballroom show Friday in Clear Lake, Iowa:

Francis Ford Coppola

With this year’s Cannes  Film Festival underway, the first big movie screened was Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis and it generated some of the craziest reviews I’ve ever seen.

Mostly positive. Coppola’s a genius, so you know to expect the unexpected. I think my favorite was from the UK’s Daily Telegraph which gave the movie four stars, saying, “Coppola’s latest is like Succession crossed with Batman Forever and a lava lamp… Aubrey Plaza is fantastic in this full-body sensory bath movie which follows a struggle for power among the elites of New Rome.” Me? I can’t wait to see it. The guy’s a bloody genius … 17-year-old wunderkind Kjersti Long -co writer of Vanessa Williams’ current return to music “Legs (Keep Dancing)”- heads to NYC for the Tribeca Festival in 2 weeks … And Apple TV’s Sugar -with Colin Farrell- ended its run. The first few episodes were great; very LA Confidential, but then, it turned into a sci-fi adventure. Odd? You bet. The ending left room for a second season, but I highly doubt it. Farell was great, but the topsy-turvy plot twist was brutal.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — August Darnell; Coati Mundi; Jeff Vogel; Kent Kotal; Bruce Grakal; Ringo Starr; Danny Fried; China Club; Tony King; Peter Brown; Mark Bego; Kent & Laura Denmark Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Peter Abraham; Peter Lubin; Steve Plotnicki; Profile Records; Joe Cocker; Lush Ice; Anthony Pomes; Terry Jastrow; and BELLA!

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Rockers On The Rise With Love



A special celebration titled Rockers On The Rise With Love took place on Sunday, May 12, 2024 at 6 p.m. at The Cutting Room, featuring some of the most talented young performers of the next generation.

Rockers on the Rise that includes-Sylvia Smith, Nick Allen, Audrey Simone Winters, Gus Schonfeld, Avery Rehl, Melanie Correa, Claudia Fabella, GG Roberts-Nguyen, Jackson Pressier, Reese Rehl, Isabelle Gottfried, Matteo Russo and Tyson Gottfried

The performers included the graduating high school seniors, class of 2024

Isabelle Gottfried

Isabelle Gottfried


Avery Rehl

Avery Rehl

Matteo Russo

Matteo Russo (The Many Saints Of Newark)

Sylvia Smith

Sylvia Smith; and other young rockers

Nick Allen

Nick Allen

Claudia Fabella and her mother

Claudia Fabella

GG Roberts-Nguyen

GG Roberts-Nguyen

Tyson Gottfried

Tyson Gottfried

Jackson Pressier

Jackson Preisser

Gus Schonfeld

Gus Schonfeld

Jurnee Swan

Jurnee Swan (The Piano Lesson)

Audrey Simone Winters

Audrey Simone Winters (The Sound Of Music (tour).

Donnie Kehr and Cori Gardner join with Sylvia Smith, Avery Rehl, Isabelle Gottfried and Matteo Russo

Reese Rehl, Scott Rehl and Avery Rehl

The Band-Gerard Canonico, Gary Bristol, Logan Medland and Steve Gibb

Donnie Kehr and Jeremey Schonfeld with the band Gerard Canonico, Gary Bristol, Logan Medland and Steve Gibb

The creative team was led by director Kehr; Executive Producer Cori Gardner; with music direction by Logan Medland (A Bronx Tale)

Reese Rehl and Avery Rehl

and with student executive producing by Avery Rehl, The band includes Gerard Canonico on drums (Almost Famous), Gary Bristol on bass (Glory Days), and Steve Gibb on guitar (Jersey Boys)

Gus Schonfeld and Jeremy Schonfeld

Special guest Jeremy Schonfeld (Drift) will join a special performance with his daughter Gus.

Claudia Fabella

Isabelle Gottfried, Avery Rehl, Sylvia Smith and Matteo Russo

Avery Rehl

Reese Rehl

Gus Schonfeld\

Jackson Preisser

GG Roberts-Nguyen

Isabelle Gottfried

Nick Allen

Matteo Russo and Sylvia Smith

Jackson Preisser

Jurnee Swan

Jurnee Swan

Avery Rehl and Donnie Kehr

Donnie Kehr

Nick Allen

The entire cast that includes-Isabelle Gottfried, Avery Rehl, Matteo Russo, Sylvia Smith, Nick Allen, Melanie Correa, Claudia Fabella, GG Roberts-Nguyen, Tyson Gottfried, Jackson Preisser, Reese Rehl, Gus Schonfeld, Jurnee Swan and Audrey Simone Winters

The entire cast that includes-Isabelle Gottfried, Avery Rehl, Matteo Russo, Sylvia Smith, Nick Allen, Melanie Correa, Claudia Fabella, GG Roberts-Nguyen, Tyson Gottfried, Jackson Preisser, Reese Rehl, Gus Schonfeld, Jurnee Swan and Audrey Simone Winters

Rockers On The Rise is The PATH Fund’s new mentorship initiative that enables young artists to audition, perform, direct and produce their own shows. With personalized mentoring and hands-on training to gain real-world experience, this new initiative builds tomorrow’s audience today.

Melanie Correa


Gus Schonfeld and Alexandra Schonfeld

Matt Lange and Avery Rehl

Reese Rehl

Jackson Pressier and Reese Rehl



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Ken Fallin’s Broadway: Amy Winehouse



Back to Black is a biopic based on the life of British singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, played by Marisa Abela. Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and written by Matt Greenhalgh, the film also stars Jack O’Connell, Eddie Marsan, and Lesley Manville.

After the death of Winehouse in 2011, filmmakers attempted to create a feature biopic with various projects. In October 2018, it was announced that Winehouse’s estate had signed a deal to make a biopic about her life and career. In July 2022, Deadline Hollywood reported that StudioCanal was moving forward with a feature film entitled Back to Black. Sam Taylor-Johnson directed from a script by Matt Greenhalgh. Alison Owen and Debra Hayward produced under their Monumental Pictures banner, alongside Nicky Kentish-Barnes.

The film was released theatrically in Australia in April 2024, and was released in the United Kingdom shortly after. Focus Features released the film in the United States on May 17 2024.

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