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The Glorious Corner

The Glorious Corner
David Salidor; Debbie Gibson; Diane Gibson; and Heather Moore-1998 @ Planet Hollywood
DIANE GIBSON RIP — Diane Gibson, mother of Debbie, and who assumed the role of manager during Debbie’s rise in the late 80’s, passed yesterday. PR-pasha David Salidor was Debbie’s PR-person during that time offered a tribute: “I first met Diane in 1985 and we immediately hit it off. She wasn’t a manager in the truest definition of the word, but her drive, determination and single-mindedness (combined with Debbie’s amazing talent) made her daughter a star. Those 80’s were a tricky time and while certain people in the biz were determined to mark Debbie as a one-hit wonder, Diane made them believers in very short order. I was brought on almost a full year before any record actually came out and together, we were able to craft the story and build a thoroughly professional campaign. We traveled all over the world (our own private plane in Europe) and it was a ride I will certainly never forget as it was totally awesome. I was at her side through the good, bad and ugly, though it was mostly all good clean fun with Debbie’s enormous talents.  Great memories I’ll treasure forever. RIP Diane.”

Daryl Hall

TODD & DARYL Interesting item is yesterday’s Forgotten Hits from Kent Kotal: And, since we’re talking about upcoming tours, Daryl Hall hits the road with Todd Rundgren (the two performed together several years ago on “Daryl’s House” and must have hit it off!)
It’s a very short tour that kicks off here in Chicago on April 1, which just happens to also be the release date for a new Hall 2-CD set, BeforeAfter.
The 2-CD set collects material from his previous releases as well as live tracks from his Daryl’s House series (including “Can We Still Be Friends” by Daryl and Todd, a video for which is ALL over the place right now to help promote the upcoming tour!)
Speaking of Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall … Todd produced the absolutely wonderful Atlantic album War Babies (1974). This was apparently the album that got them thrown off Atlantic Records … but, to me it was a terrifically prescient album of music that would come. Todd produced it with members of his then-band Utopia. It was totally delightful.
H&O sadly don’t do anything from the album in their current show … but, it’s a great album! John Oates still says today his favorite song  he ever wrote is from the album “Can’t Stop The Music (He Played It Much Too Long)” and  “Much Too Soon” is a great, great track that the lads could certainly do today!
Rundgren and Hall always have just sensational bands … I wonder if they’ll have one band for both of them, or separate bands. Todd usually has Kasim Sulton on bass who is just excellent. There’s a Carnegie Hall show on the itinerary – that know already will be a classic … mark my words.

Milo Ventimiglia

SHORT TAKES — Lots of chatter about this week’s This Is Us episode Don’t Let Me Keep You, about the passing of Jack’s mother Marilyn. Viewers either loved it, or they didn’t; and some of the comments were downright harsh. Many of the naysayers called it a filler episode. Milo Ventimiglia, as Jack, delivered one of the best TV performances I’ve ever seen. Some thought the fact that Jack had lost track of his mother, save for one weekend conversation, sad, yet to me (and, many others) the episode dealt with Jack realizing that and trying to do right. Powerful episode. In fact, I think it was one the show’s best-ever episodes …


I got tipped off to view a show on Apple +called Mr. Corman, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt – who also wrote and directed several of the ten episodes. Levitt plays a failed musician who’s now a schoolteacher-bringing the same enthusiasm he did to his music. He desperately wants to reconnect to music and throughout the episodes, he begins to compose and perform a new song. Levitt has always been a terrific actor, and his writing is at least equal to that. The show doesn’t follow the usual pattern for a dramedy, but I loved it. In fact, I think it’s one of the best things I’ve yet seen-certainly as creative and brilliant as the first season of The Morning Show. Apple canceled it … This Sunday is the 53rd anniversary of The Beatles famed-Applerooftop performance. Astounding! …

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana is back after a recent health scare; and he told the Las Vegas Review: Carlos Santana is back after a recent health scare; and he told the Las Vegas review: “Well, I am feeling great. I have a lot of energy. It’s a matter of regaining equilibrium, balance and confidence. The procedure that I had is very, very serious, and it sucked a lot of energy from me. I wouldn’t have been able to play that I’m used to, to present my music to people. I would get winded really, really quick. It’s a procedure that requires a lot of time. The body just doesn’t like it when somebody goes in there. But, fortunately, I have recuperated” …

C.W Hanes

Author C.W Hanes who released his Grandfather’s Journal: In Search Of  in 2020, is penning a sequel. We’ve read some samples and its spellbindingly sensational. Stay tuned for much more on this … And, next week Showtime releases the documentary We Need To Talk About Cosby. Yes, Bill Cosby-the man who was branded America’s Dadin the 70’s and 80’s. Chilling? Definitely. Take a look at the trailer:
NAMES IN THE NEWS — Joel Diamond; Beth Wernick; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Tony Mascaro; Alison Martino; Donna Quinter; Jodi Ritzen; Derek Taylor; Walter Yetnikoff; Neil Aspinall; Mal Evans; Joel Diamond; Andy Skurow; and BELLA!


G. H. Harding is a four decades insider to the entertainment world. He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production companies and several cable outlets. His anonymity is essential in bringing an unbiased view to his writings on pop culture. He is based in NYC.

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