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Peter Tork; Davy Jones; Bert Schneider, Michael Nesmith,Micky Dolenz; Bob Rafelson

BOB RAFELSON RIP — On Sunday afternoon word came that Monkees-co-creator Bob Rafelson had passed at his home in Aspen at 89. Think what you will about the Monkees but 50 years on, their legend and what they created lives on. Micky Dolenz tweeted a very moving tribute to the man who changed his life:

 “One day in the spring of 1966, I cut my classes in architecture at LA Trade Tech to take an audition for a new TV show called, “The Monkees”.

The co-creator/producer of the show was Bob Rafelson. At first I mistook him for another actor there for the audition. Needless-to-say, I got the part and it completely altered my life. Regrettably, Bob passed away last night but I did get a chance to send him a message telling him how eternally grateful I was that he saw something in me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my friend.”

Rafelson enjoyed a very private and complex relationship with Jack Nicholson, and directed  6 movies with him, including The Monkees Head. Head has survived a very storied life; even today Dolenz will ask someone who just paid him a compliment on it, ‘what is it about.’ Yet, Quentin Tarantino has it in his Top Ten list.

I’ve been with Dolenz on many occasions when Head has come up and though the film contained some great music, like “Porpoise Song,” everyone seems to have a different opinion of it. But, they still talking about it today which speaks volumes.

Rafelson directed the landmark movie Five Easy Pieces with Nicholson too. In Peter Biskind’s terrific book, Easy Riders and Raging Bulls (1998), he traces the effects that the “brats” of Hollywood, like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg; Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese and Rafelson and his partner Bert Schneider created. It’s a terrific book and a must-read for any lover of the movies; though many profiled in the book have refuted it.

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

Legend has it that the money and success that Schneider and Rafelson made from The Monkees, they were able to start turning the wheels that eventually became the game-changing movie Easy Rider. Arguably a classic for sure.

A mega-talent for sure. The likes of which we’ll probably never see again. He’ll be much missed and much remembered.

Check out this Micky Dolenz-interview from Monday’s Variety discussing Rafelson.  https://variety.com/2022/film/news/micky-dolenz-bob-rafelson-monkees-appreciation-head-1235324982/


WAITING ON CRISTINA — When avant-garde artist Cristina passed in 2020, her former husband Michael Zilkha (who owned ZE Records) said he intended to prepare a book on her with remembrances from those who worked with her. Ian Birch from the U.K. and a brilliant writer, would be put in editorial charge.

Two years later. the book is reportedly finished, but shipping issues has prevented it from going out.

Cristina was an amazing artist. Her “Is That All There Is,” produced by August Darnell no less in 1980, is still a favorite among DJs and progressive-radio. For me, as much as I adored her version, her “Things Fall Apart” (produced by Don Was aka Fagenson no less) was just brilliant:

Of course, Cristina’s “Is That All There Is” is based on Peggy Lee’s 1969 original.

Is That All There Is

Joe Lynch from Billboard was a huge fan and I believe his impressions are in the book as well. David Salidor, who handled the press for the upstart label said it was a shame too. “Her passing was a big shock for those who knew her and worked with her; I guess this book could be viewed as a vanity-release, but for those in the know, hopefully it’ll be a terrific work. Can’t wait to see it.”

It won’t be commercially available, but we’ll have a review here for sure.

SHORT TAKES — Paul Sorvino passed on Monday. Another mega-talent for sure. His role in GoodFellas will never be forgotten. And, his episodes on Law & Order are brilliant. RIP …

Romeo Delight

Saturday, November 19 is the long-awaited return of Romeo Delight to Steve Walter’s Cutting Room. Also stay tuned for a date at Eppy’s new venue The Metropolitan in Glen Cove, Long Island … CBS’s Anthony Mason scored a big hit Monday with his reporting of Joni Mitchell

’s appearance and performance at the Newport Folk Festival. It was, just a brilliant event all around. Congrats Anthony. His interview with Micky Dolenz will be shown on Tuesday, August 16 – the anniversary of the release of the classic “Last Train To Clarksville.” The record was released in 1966 …  The trailer of the forthcoming Wakanda Forever is simply electric. Check it out:

Elton John and Britney Spears teaming up for a duet of his “Tiny Dancer?” I don’t see it, but one never knows. His Lockdown Sessions series of duets seems to have energized Mr. John. Go for it … Congrats to Q1043 and SiriusXM’s Carol Miller who will be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame later this year. Totally deserving, Carol is a master of the airwaves and a great gal as well. I think I shocked her years ago when I said to her over dinner, that playing Stevie Nicks “Planet Of The Universe” was such a cool move.

Up All Night

Her book Up All Night is a terrific read as well. Congrats Carol … Happy BDay Keith Girard of the New York Independent and RIP Tony Dow.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Eppy; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Peter Shendell; Mark Biggs; Tony King; Bill Ham; Don Wardell; Peter Robertson; Glenn Gretlund; Bill Smith; Deb Caponetta; Eileen Roaman; Andy Fuhrman; Chris Blackwell; Tony Wright; Judd Bernard; Lush Ice; Jodi Ritzen; Craig newman; Rebecca Castagna; and CHIP!


G. H. Harding is a four decades insider to the entertainment world. He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production companies and several cable outlets. His anonymity is essential in bringing an unbiased view to his writings on pop culture. He is based in NYC.

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