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The Glorious Corner

The Glorious Corner


A DEAD HEAD CARTOON — I’m not a Dead head, but let me say right off I have the upmost respect for them. I’ve listened to the Dead’s music a lot of am always impressed by the complexity. A high creative bar for sure.

Check this out: Authorized by the Grateful Dead, Howie Abrams and Michael “Kaves” McLeer have written a new book titled The ABCs of the Grateful Dead (Permuted Press).

Howie and McLeer previously co-created The ABCs of Metallica, authorized by Metallica and are continuing the series with their latest title, The ABCs of the Grateful Dead, the only children’s book published with the legendary band. Howie Abrams is a former music business executive and the author of multiple books, including Hip-Hop Alphabet. Kaves is a legendary graffiti artist and author, having created logos and graphics for world famous names such as the Beastie Boys and Jaguar.

New and old fans of the Grateful Dead will appreciate the playful rhymes and kaleidoscopic illustrations that celebrate the band’s rich and dynamic history. The ABCs of The Grateful Dead uses each letter of the alphabet to highlight a significant moment, cultural contribution, or innovation along the band’s journey.
  • “A is for American Beauty” (their groundbreaking album)
  • “D is for Dead Heads” (the Grateful Dead’s devoted fans who follow them around the country)
  • “W is for Wall of Sound” (their pioneering Wall of Sound speaker rig)
We just got our copy and just love it. Well done for sure!

SHORT TAKES — Believe me, 95% of the PR-people I’ve met and have dealt with have been honorable … sure, there’s some bad seeds out there (and we won’t begin to name them), but trust me, they’ll get their comeuppance in the long run-in fact, several of them already have!

Angela Tarantino

One of the best PR-people I’ve ever dealt with -and worked with- has been HBO’s Angela Tarantino. She’s been at HBO for 32 years and has been involved in everything from  Sex in the City; to The Leftovers; Mare of Easttown; Watchman; The Sopranos and Succession. No one said that her leaving has anything to do with the new regime up there, but trust me, I’m very sure it does. Nothing lasts forever, but Angela always stood out. One poster said it best: Beyond talented, classy and gracious. Her legacy speaks for itself! … I just watched The White Lotus/Season2/Episode 3 and absolutely loved it. Some say the characters this season aren’t all that good, but I am enjoying it immensely. And, don’t think for a moment that F. Murray Abraham isn’t up for the ride as he most definitely is. And Aubrey Plaza is sensational. Going to watch Episode 4 tonight …

Bob Iger

The Iger Sanction.That was a great movie back in the 1975 (with Clint Eastwood no less) but Monday’s news that Bob Iger is back running Disney and the dismal Bob Chapek is out electrified everyone. Disney stock soared and I have to say that Chapek’s run was almost as bad as the reviews for Broadway’s Almost Famous, since he first took over Disney. Only in Hollyweird friends! … Jay Leno on Monday showed what damage had been done to his face and arms. Certainly scary, but he’s on the mend. Hang in there Mr. Leno …


Lunching with WOR’s Tom Cuddy last week reminded me that he many years ago, turned me onto a Brit-band called Keane led by vocalist Tom Chaplin. Chaplin has one of the sweetest voices I’ve ever heard and I made it a point to keep track of them. I even attended a free concert of theirs at the Time Warner Center and they were just sensational. A three-piece group, they actually managed to make me a lifetime fan. Though they never exploded here in the States (due to a number of personal issues) as they should have; they appeared at some major festival overseas and eventually developed  a rabid following. I actually lost track of them, but have been listening to their older work with a new fervor. Their album Under The Iron Sea (2006) was just amazing and a more recent single, “Somewhere Only We Know” (2009) is just magnificent work.

They’re definitely due. Check out the video for “Somewhere”:

The Way of Water-Avatar

Per Director James Cameron in Variety: “Avatar 2  is so expensive it must become the fourth or fifth highest-grossing film in history just to break even.” Maybe in the 2 billion-dollar range? Managing expectation? It open December 16 …

Zach Martin’s Big Fat American podcast

19-year Ashley Suppa did Zach Martin’s Big Fat American podcast yesterday …

Romeo Delight at Cutting Room-photo by Jeff Smith/Reflections

And here’s a great shot of Romeo Delight at Steve Walter’s Cutting Room this past weekend by Jeff Smith.

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Jody Ritzen; Norena Barbella; Ken Dashow; Randy Klein; Jeff Smith; Vernon Reid; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Tobe Becker; Jay Schwartz; Andy Skurow; Alex Salzman; Ida Langsam;
Howard Bloom; Andrew Sandoval; Jason Elzy; Jane Blunkell; Keith Girard; Ellen Smith; and CHIP!


G. H. Harding is a four decades insider to the entertainment world. He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production He’s worked for record companies; movie companies; video-production companies and several cable outlets. His anonymity is essential in bringing an unbiased view to his writings on pop culture. He is based in NYC.

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