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Tips To Clean & Maintain Your Kitchen Surfaces

Tips To Clean & Maintain Your Kitchen Surfaces

It doesn’t matter how many rooms are in order in your home if your kitchen surfaces are not clean, the house doesn’t feel clean. Whether you identify as a cleaning expert or budding beginner, you can always take on some tips for improving the cleanliness of your kitchen surfaces. After all, it’s so much nicer to spend time in a clean and well-maintained kitchen. So let’s get to how you can clean and maintain your kitchen surfaces, beyond that quick wipe it’s currently receiving.

Upgrade your kitchen sink hardware and position

We often see that kitchen surfaces suffer mess and grime, solely because the kitchen sink is either poorly located or poorly designed. Often it’s a case of both. There is a misconception that you have to work with the kitchen your home has come with, however, it’s never been more simple to replace your kitchen sink with something more quality and re-design how the sink flows with the rest of the space. If you have enough bench space and a large splashback, you might even benefit from upgrading to a kitchen sink with has an attached mixer that you can use to spray these surfaces for a deeper clean.

Understand the appropriate maintenance for your chosen surface

Not all kitchen surfaces are made equal, and so they shouldn’t be maintained in the same fashion. Marble is a common kitchen surface, and it’s relatively simple to care for when you know what you’re doing. Dust the surface twice a week with a damp, warm cloth, and quality dishwashing liquid periodically. Avoid using abrasive cleaners as they can wear down the marble over time. Laminate counters are another common kitchen surface and can be maintained by cleaning with dishwashing liquid and cleaning the seams or metal edges with a toothbrush. Laminate is a manmade, synthetic surface and is not as durable as marble so never treat these surfaces the same.

Utilise cutting boards and mitigate heat

A reason many people pursue a marble surface is that you can freely cut and chop without the fear of causing marks and damage that are impossible to hide. If you have a laminate surface, you are not so lucky and will need to utilise cutting boards as well as making sure you do not place any hot pots and pans on the countertop. A heat stand/trivet is an easy solution to this issue. Keep your kitchen stocked with cutting board and heat stands/trivets, so that you can interact freely in the space without having to fear any real damage.

Start a cleaning roster

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective one, and a cleaning roster is a perfect example of that. Keeping each member of your household accountable to cleaning and maintaining your kitchen surfaces will ensure that it’s taken care of every day, and by spreading the responsibility it means that you will not be fatigued by the process. Before you launch your cleaning roster, make sure everyone knows the specific cleaning procedure for each surface so that nothing is damaged, no matter how well-intentioned that cleaning may be. It’s also important to communicate that these cleaning initiatives do not simply serve your home pride goals, but they will also reduce the chance of bacteria and sickness creeping into your home.

Whatever state your kitchen surfaces are at this point in time, there are steps you can take to improve them from here on out. Next time you go to give your surfaces a quick wipe before leaving the room, take a closer look and ensure that all remnants are removed and that you spot any potential damage or issues.


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