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2/22/22 What Does This Mean?

2/22/22 What Does This Mean?

The sequence with multiple twos is believed to hold significance astrologically and the 2/22/22 or 22222 portal will allow you to manifest all your dreams and desires. To use this energy be clear about what you want to manifest. Make a list of where you want your energy to flow, be it love, health, finance, success or more. Visualize it. Followed this up by actions.

222 is an Angel number which makes it more powerful. This number will have messages from your angels to find balance and everything will soon be okay. The divine message from the angels is that you are on the right path heading towards spiritual enlightenment. Don’t think this path will be easy as many people will criticized you for the decisions that you make.There is a lot you’ve been through. Believe that blessings are coming your way. Stay positive and all will be revealed.

Historically, this time means lots of change as this happens only every 200 years.

Now is the time to connect and come together

This time could grant you your heart’s desire!


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